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As a destination New Zealand Wedding and Elopement Photographer with 7 years of experience, I know how to bring your day to life. Whether you're a pro in front of the camera, or need a little direction, I have you covered. Rather than obsessive posing, we'll craft an elopement day that's 100% tailored to you, and I'll casually be there to capture you as you naturally are.


- Michelle & Jeff

Here's The Approach

Unapologetically Non-Traditional

Your Story Comes First

Fully Customizable Offerings

I'm a huge fan of marriage, just not traditional weddings. My approach is to make your wedding or elopement film feel like anything but a wedding. To me, it's all about the small, ambient moments of being together, and the legacy that you're creating together. Your film won't feel like a wedding film, rather a cinematic celebration of your lives.

Together, we'll talk through your day and see what coverage benefits your day(s) best. Each couple has different styles, needs, and wants, and I don't want you to compromise any part of your day. With ease, we'll figure out the perfect amount of coverage for your day, and truly make it customized to you and your exact needs and wants.

I don't want your film to just be a celebration of one day, rather the collection of memories that brought you to this day, and the ones ahead. Your journey carries weight and meaning, and it's my goal to not let a single day overshadow it. Rather, we'll take the approach of making a film about you, that just happens to be your wedding day.

Iceland Mountain Elopement Locations

New Zealand Destination Wedding


January 2023

Christchurch / Queenstown

mARCH 2023

Te Waipounamu / South Island

august 2023

Wānaka / Queenstown

LATE 2023


Don't See Your Location Or Date Range?

Travel For New Zealand Elopements & Weddings

Just let me know what you're thinking & I'll see if I can make it work! I'm always open to adding another trip (or two or three). To inquire about a date of your own or learn more details about the exact dates I'll be in Iceland, click the button below, fill out a form (it will take 2-3 minutes) and I'll be in touch with you soon!

To make things easier on all of us, travel costs for New Zealand elopements & adventure weddings are included in all of my pricing. In other words, what you see is actually what you pay. Rest assured that you won't have to pay any surprise fees either.

When Should We Elope In New Zealand?


While New Zealand is uniquely beautiful year-round, the most popular months to visit New Zealand are January-March. Since New Zealand is in the Southern Hemisphere, these are the peak summer months and the weather is absolutely beautiful, and most areas are accessible. For Winter elopements and adventures, June - August are peak season for snow and cooler temperatures.

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How To Elope In Iceland
The best places to elope in iceland

Best Iceland Elopement Locations


Iceland Elopement Guides & Resources

How To Elope In Iceland

Iceland Elopement & Wedding Day Timeline Examples

The Complete Iceland

Elopement Guide

This guide will give you a better idea of what your Iceland elopement or wedding day could look like! It's also to help spark a little inspiration for your elopement day.

This guide will make you an Iceland elopement & travel pro. From getting there, getting around, to finding the perfect location, & legalities, we'll cover it all.



New Zealand Elopement Packages

New Zealand Wedding

Each New Zealand Wedding Package Includes:

Photography (or) Videography Coverage (Ask About Both w/ Love, Lorraine!)
Elopement Planning Expertise & Resources
Personalized Photo & Video Galleries
Travel Fees Are Included In The Pricing Shown

See Pricing Below


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New Zealand Elopement Videography

STARTING AT 3850 (Special March 2023 Pricing)

As your New Zealand Elopement Videographer, my main goal to capture your story in it's truest form. It's all about creating an authentic experience that you can live out on your wedding day. Your story is the top priority, and together, we'll craft a wedding day and film that's unapologetically you.

New Zealand Elopement Photography

STARTING AT 3850 (Special March 2023 Pricing)

As your New Zealand Elopement Photographer, creating incredible photographs that tell the story and emotion of your love story are at the root of it all. We'll ditch all of the overly posed photos in exchange for giving you the space to live real moments without me interjecting.

New Zealand Photo + Film Packages

Alongside my great friends Lauren & Travis of Love, Lorraine, I offer a luxury photo + film + planning elopement package. With 15+ years of combined experience, we're here to help you build an incredibly intentional wedding day that's 100% tailored to you, and we know exactly how.


Iceland Waterfall Wedding Video

- Anh & John

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