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New Orleans Wedding

New Orleans Wedding Photographer

Welcome all, I’m Austin Francis Sylvest, a New Orleans Wedding Photographer. With over 9 years of experience photographing and filming weddings, I believe your wedding day should celebrate the triumph of your journey, substantial moments overshadowed in the business of life.

New Orleans Elopement Photographer Jackson Square in the French Quarter

A Love Letter To My Home State.
My First Inspiration and Where It All Started.

Words & Photographs: Francis Sylvest


Is so much more than a destination to me – it’s home. It’s where I spent the first 24 years of my life, photographed my first wedding, where I got married. From spending time with my grandparents to now coming home to visit my family, it’s still home.

While Colorado has been my base for the past 6 years, Louisiana & New Orleans gave me my first opportunities, shaped me into who I am today, and are a resounding influence on everything I create.

New Orleans Weddings
New Orleans Wedding Photographer Francis Sylvest

For me, it’s not about adventure, it’s about the belief that love, stories, & legacies are worth telling. I greatly value the power & life changing effect stories and experiences can have on our lives.

I whole heartedly believe that the legacy we leave has the power to live & inspire for generations to come. Furthermore, this value was passed on to me via my grandparents, who told these very stories through their travels & photos of their lives, love, & adventure in their 50 years of marriage.

New Orleans Wedding Photographers

New Orleans Wedding Photos

As your New Orleans wedding photographer, it’s my main goal to give you space. To enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience and feeling. In addition, to capture you as you truly are in one of the most beautiful and nostalgic cities in all of the world.

Christina & Ryan

nola elopement

While this was a destination wedding in Iceland, it encapsulates the true body of a nola elopement. A laid-back, celebration of two people in a beautiful place. Regardless of the location, it’s feeling speaks volumes.

Diana & Daniel

New Orleans Wedding Photographer

I got my start as a New Orleans wedding photographer in 2015, days like this were the goal. Much like a New Orleans Wedding, this day focused on details, interiors while also having an small outdoor element.

Morgan & Andre

New Orleans Wedding

Elegance was the name of the game here. Naturally, this was truly laid back day where only the two people mattered. This concept can easily be transferred to a New Orleans wedding. Regardless of the location, the feeling is what matters.

Intimate Wedding Venues New Orleans

New Orleans Wedding Venues

With a flair of European architecture and french influence, New Orleans wedding venues will take you to another time and place. These incredible venues are the closest to a European destination wedding you’ll find in the United States. In addition, the tradition behind these venues and city run deep and are a highly unique experience.

Best Wedding Venues In New Orleans

Hotel Peter & Paul

This stunning hotel is easily one of the best wedding venues in New Orleans. It’s straight from a European luxury wedding, but located in the heart of New Orleans.

Tucked away in the heart of the French Quarter, the Pharmacy Museum offers one of the most pristine patios. It’s vast greenery makes it a beautiful oasis in the middle of the city.

Known for it’s whimsical, indoor elements and a brick courtyard, Race & Religious has so much to offer. With a prime location for a slightly larger guest count, this New Orleans wedding venue is a local favorite.

While newly renovated, the Margaret Place Hotel still keeps the vintage New Orleans vibes with a modern feel. It’s courtyard and beautiful architecture are fully in the forefront, and provide a beautiful backdrop to any wedding.

Small Wedding Venues New Orleans

The Terrell House Bed & Breakfast is a small wedding venue in New Orleans tucked away in the lower garden district. It’s quaint home feel serves as the perfect backdrop for small weddings and elopements.

Featuring a beautiful garden and prime location on St. Charles, House of Broel is a prime wedding venue. This area of New Orleans is known for it’s garden homes and walkable streets, perfect for capturing the New Orleans feel.

Located just off St. Charles, this quaint 9-room mansion is perfect for small weddings. Featuring beautiful interiors and side patios, it gives you the space you need and access to the most beautiful part of the city.

This Italianate-style mansion boasts a beautiful garden, period furnishings and a ballroom. While a small venue, it’s perfect fr mid-sized events as well with 50+ guests.

New Orleans, Louisiana