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Wedding Film Photography

Francis Sylvest is a Film Wedding Photographer based in Colorado specializing in Wedding Film Photography.

Celebrating Laid-Back, Documentary Style Film Wedding Photos Shot On Kodak Film Stocks With An Emphasis In Colorado, Iceland, and New Orleans.

A bride and groom walk down the isle during their Colorado wedding
Film wedding photograph of a bride and groom getting married in Iceland
A bride and groom posing for a portrait in a vintage setting, shot on Kodak Film.
A 35mm film wedding photo of a bride and groom get married in Iceland on a moody day.
An Iceland honeymoon photoshoot at Reykjavik Roasters by Film Wedding Photographer Francis Sylvest.
Iceland wedding bouquet in a field of lupines, photographed on Kodak Portra 800
Film wedding photographer Francis Sylvest is based in Colorado, USA.
Film wedding photography of a bride and groom in a vintage venue.

An Ode To Film

It’s a pure medium. One that our thoughts can’t quite comprehend. A mixture of chemicals that give way to beauty after careful use. Colors, full of life. Moments, exactly how they lived out. It’s the beauty in the imperfections that all draw us to the medium. From long ago until now, we all embrace simplicity, something we may never experience in this modern world.

t’s from the depths of us that we long to remember things how they truly were, but in our nature to create more from what was. The imagination is a beautiful thing, but in the modern world we can easily find ourselves only wishing for more, stifled by choices, making what was perfectly beautiful, absent, lonely, fragmented.

The medium of film photography points us to more. Perfection is no longer the goal. The goal: to capture the moment in whatever manner possible. Rather than seek perfection, over analyzation and a barrage of choices to make the perfect photograph, we are left with simple choices. Choose your film stock, expose the photograph, develop and scan the roll.

Lastly, bask in the beauty of the imperfect images that we created. The simplicity of the moment as it truly was. Simplicity trumps over analyzation. Art is created, rather than pondered. This is what we all chase. The feeling of honestly, minutia, these are the things that film allows us to tap into, remember, cherish.

Wedding Film Photographer

Featured Film Photos

Film Style Wedding Photography

Surrounded by the towering mountains, this Telluride Elopement was a beautiful example of a laid-back elopement with film style wedding photography. Morgan & Tom celebrated in a way that was truly authentic to them – a quiet sunrise ceremony, cutting their cake & listening to old jazz records.

Iceland Elopement Wedding at an Iceland Black Sand Beach

Best Film Wedding Photographers

Michelle & Chris’s Iceland elopement was a true pleasure. With a moodiness in the air, Iceland was at it’s finest. The best film wedding photographers in the world have shot in this very location and it was a pleasure to join them. Experience the magic if this Iceland wedding, a true joy.

Film Wedding Photos

Rachel & Noah came to me wanting film wedding photos. However, they were drawn to the look and feel of medium format film over 35mm. In this beautiful wedding day in Colorado, the two celebrated in a laid-back way. Lastly, they celebrated in a way that was truly just for them.


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