Francis Sylvest is a wedding cinematographer and videographer based in Colorado.
Francis Sylvest is a Colorado Wedding Photographer and Cinematographer based in Boulder, Colorado.

Wedding Cinematographer

Francis Sylvest is a Destination Wedding Photographer and Cinematographer based in Boulder, Colorado.


Austin Francis Sylvest is a destination wedding cinematographer, filmmaker and photographer based in Boulder, Colorado by way of New Orleans, Louisiana. His images evoke those warm, lived moments. Yet, they also capture his subjects in a way that best demonstrates his journalistic background and personal love of film photography and indie cinema. With nine years of professional experience, Austin photographs wedding celebrations that include large multi-day events to elopements across the globe, with an emphasis in Colorado, Iceland, and New Orleans. His work garners a true to life, yet poetic take on the world that surrounds us.


Artist Statement

I document laid-back couples who love discovering the beauty in the ordinary. Moments, where for a sliver of time, the right light would breathe life into the ordinary, the mundane. Something as simple as a plant cascading over a table, veins and new leaflets exposed in the sun, or capturing a photo of loved ones exchanging laughter and the subtle clasping of their hands together that signifies their connection.

We overlook these insignificant moments every day. But the truth is, they become the triumphs of our journeys, substantial moments overshadowed in the business of life. It’s not until we cut through the noise do we expose the work of art that’s been there all along. This work of art is within you, and I want to help you bring it to light.

Cinema, art, music. All of these mediums shape the way I view film. But, sculpture best captures my approach.

I think of my photographs and films as a work of art unveiled from a single block of stone, your story already exists. It’s just a matter of trimming away the excess and getting to the core of what brought you both together.

The goal isn’t to create a false narrative or portray you in a way that misrepresents you. Instead, I want to understand your journey so I can capture the intricate details that no one else sees and bring them to the surface through photographs and cinema. Those moments of shadows, lights, and everything in between, those details already exist. They are yours, and they give life to your masterpiece.

It’s a privilege to create images and films that are meant to live far beyond our time. I want you to look back on your images and films and have those moments come rushing back to you. I want to create photographs and films that resonate with you for years to come.

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