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I'm Francis,

Colorado Elopement Videographer

Boulder Colorado Based Elopement Videographer & Filmmaker

I'm A husband, filmmaker & cinematographer based in Boulder, Colorado. Creating films of everyday life, love, & adventure is my biggest biggest passion, & also happens to be my full-time job. Oftentimes, you can find me hunting down the best with my wife Elsa, or checking out a new random location in the mountains I found on Google Earth, which might just be the perfect location for your elopement.

Together, we'll create a timeless piece of art that you can reflect back on & share for generations to come. It will be a reminder of the deep love you have for your partner in addition to a time capsule of this stage of your lives together. In the end, it's my ultimate goal to help you not just feel your elopement day again, but tell your story in a way that's empowering for generations to come.

Colorado Elopement Videographer Francis Sylvest

An Elopement Day That's Authentic To You

The Start Of Your Visual Legacy Together

Your wedding day shouldn't be about the objects that surround you, rather the two of you celebrating in a way that's true to you. Oftentimes, I see couples default to the traditional 'big wedding' narrative that doesn't feel authentic to them. In the end, I'm here to help you find a route that's real, honest, & special to just you.

Do you ever think about what your grandparents & parents lives were like before your time? While media wasn't as easily available then to tell longer form stories, luckily for us, it is! Creating your visual legacy will not only show who you are as people, but also allow your future family members to know your story.

Whether that's hiking in the mountains, or an intimate gathering with your immediate family, I'm here for it. Your story shouldn't be confined by old wedding traditions, and definitely not by a stereotypical wedding venue. Rather, let's tell your story in an environment that's truly you, no compromise.

In addition, it will also allow them to hear your voices & the words you use, therefore giving them a true insight into your lives. Your story will be told in a way that's uniquely you, with no cookie cutter aspects. To cap things off, we'll tell this story with a cinematic feel so that it lives on for generations to come.

"Francis's filmmaking has the uncanny ability to pull you back into each memory, as if reliving it another time. That is magical. That is art."

- Kayla & Nathan

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If you do we might be a great match for each other & I'd love to hear from you to see how I can be a part of your elopement day! To get in touch, click the button below, fill out a contact form (it will take 1-2 minutes) & I'll be in touch soon!

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