Your Guide To New Zealand Elopements & Weddings

Congratulations on eloping in New Zealand! You quickly find that having a New Zealand elopement is truly a one-of-a-kind experience. From it's vast beauty to incredible culture, New Zealand is the perfect place to elope. While It might seem daunting at first, just know that I'm here to help make this a reality, and all about who you are and what you love most.

Iceland Glacier Elopement

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New Zealand Spring Elopements: September - November


While it starts to warm up across New Zealand, the spring typically tends to bring more rain throughout the country. In addition, New Zealand is incredibly beautiful in the spring, as the mountains begin to clear of snow, and new growth is in full swing. It's an incredible time to experience the outdoors, from hiking to skiing, you can experience it all. During this time, it's expected that the days will be a bit warmer, and temps will dip and it can become quite cool (depending on your location) in the evenings.

Eloping In New Zealand

New Zealand Summer Elopements: December - February


The wildflowers are in full bloom, the Island is fully accessible, and the days average just above 14 hours of daylight. This is one of the most perfect times to elope in New Zealand, as pretty much everything in the mountains is accessible via car or foot, everything is in full bloom, and the weather is incredible. In addition to the mountains, you'll be able to take full advantage of New Zealand's incredible coastlines and beaches. Overall, if you're wanting to see all of New Zealand on one trip, this is the time to do it!

New Zealand Fall Elopements: March - May


Like most places around the world, Autumn provides an incredible array of colors in New Zealand. You'll find that the temps are at a great level in the daytime, but also starts to dip a bit more in the evenings. Depending on your location, you'll start to find dustings of snow on the mountains, which provide incredible backdrops for your locations. If you're looking to avoid crowds, the Fall is the perfect time to visit New Zealand. Tourism starts to slow down which will leave you with plenty of beautiful spots all to yourself.

For more detailed (and scientific) information about the New Zealand climate and weather, follow the link below.

New Zealand Winter Elopements: June - August


If you're big into skiing or snowboarding, this is the time for you to visit New Zealand! While most resorts start to to open in June, you'll find most of them fully open by early July. While many of the tracks are not passable in the wintertimes, you'll still find that that heli-companies are still in full operation, and will still take you to all the best locations. While colder in the mountainous regions, you'll find fairly favorable average high temperatures that are usually around 40-50F.


New Zealand Destination Wedding

Need help finding a perfect location for your New Zealand destination wedding? No worries! I help the majority of my eloping couples find the location that's perfect for them. We'll start by identifying any land features that you'd like to have as your backdrop, then narrowing it down by exact location.

Most couples come to me needing assistance finding their location, vendors, etc. so don't feel like you can't ask! I don't expect you to know everything about eloping in New Zealand, so no question is a bad question, and no idea is a bad idea! Come with ideas and I'll be there to help you fill in all the areas you need some help!

Here's A Few Notable New Zealand Elopement Locations & Ideas





Iceland Elopement
Queenstown New Zealand Elopement
Iceland Elopement
adventure elopement iceland

New Zealand Mountain Elopements

New Zealand Heli Weddings

New Zealand Glacier Elopements

New Zealand Waterfall Elopements

There are 249 waterfalls in New Zealand, and let me tell you, they are stunning. While some of the most incredible waterfalls are only accessible via a multi-day hike or heli, it's one of the most stunning locations you could elope at in New Zealand. For more exact information, just shoot me a message and I'll give you some more specifics!

New Zealand heli weddings & elopements are very popular. From the mountains near Wanaka & Queenstown to the Fjords of the Milford Sound, the options here are endless. With a heli wedding, you'll be able to see some of the most beautiful sights this world has to offer, and even better, you'l have it all to yourselves as most locations that heli tours take you are very remote.

New Zealand has an abundance of glaciers that offer incredible scenery. From the views of Aoraki / Mount Cook to Mount Edward there are some stunning and easily accessible options for just about anyone. In addition, most glacier locations are also covered in the heli wedding world, which we'll discuss more here very soon!

The mountains of New Zealand are pristine. With a wide range of types, from fjords, to rolling mountains, to rugged, snow capped peaks, it really has it all. Mountains are a huge part of why many travel to the area, and eloping in New Zealand with the mountains in mind won't disappoint.

Ready To Talk More?

Regardless of where you are in the process of planning or dreaming for you elopement, I'd love to hear from you! To get stated, just hit the button below, fill out a form, and I'll be in touch very soon!


Eloping In New Zealand

If you're interested in eloping in New Zealand but don't know where to start, I have you covered. I've helped my couples for years find unique experiences to celebrate their elopement day. With just a few brief questions we can narrow down your likes, dislikes, & how you enjoy spending time together. Based off those items, we can find you the perfect experience to celebrate your wedding day. Over the years I've done everything from hiking mountains to couples sharing a meal or drink together. We'll tailor it to your exact relationship & it will truly be yours & a day you'll never forget.





Take In The Vast Scenery Of New Zealand

Experience The Local Culture

New Zealand Elopement Excursions & Guided Tours

TWith an abundance of beautiful views, New Zealand is the perfect place for an adventure style wedding. In the northern part of the country you'll find a more tropical feel. In the south, you'll be met with grand mountain views and a more temperate climate. It's such a vast landscape of different features, all within just a few hours of one another. You just can't go wrong here.

New Zealand has great local culture. Fueled by Te reo Māori culture and customs, it's important to not just respect and understand it, but also experience it in full. Māori culture has a very strong presence over all of New Zealand, and are centered around the concept of behaving in a way that is culturally acceptable and appropriate. You'll find it all over!

From private helicopter tours that will land on mountains to off-roading on some of the abundant non-paved 4x4 roads, there's so much to see & offer. Heli tours are by far the most popular, in addition to some of the boat tours (some are overnight!) near Milford & Doubtful Sound. Like most other things in New Zealand, the options are endless to experience the vast beauty.

What exactly are the great walks of New Zealand? In short, they're some of the most incredible hikes and trails that New Zealand has to offer. While some are very far and difficult, some are very manageable. Regardless of whether you want to commit to hiking one, they provide stunning scenery, and are well worth the time! In my opinion, some of the most beautiful scenery in NZ is on these tacks.

Iceland Landscape during an elopement

That's right! I can help you find the best rates for travel, or just the ones that work best for your schedule. Travel isn't the easiest in some places and can seem very unfamiliar, so I'm always more than happy to lend a helping hand wherever I can. While I can't always book these items on your behalf, I can point you in the right direction or give you an array of options for you to make a good, informed decision.

Traveling To New Zealand For Your Elopement

Booking Your Flight To New Zealand


First step is getting there! If you're a seasoned travel pro, no worries! Just do your thing & I'll see you there! Like the statement above, I'm always more than happy to help my couples find the best rates & schedules to their destination. While I can't book your flights for you, I'll be there for you every step of the way to help you get the best deal.

Getting Around New Zealand


Since we'll likely be away from forms of public transit, renting a vehicle is your best bet to get around. The vehicle you select to rent during your stay is also key. For instance, if there's a possibility of snow being present, 4WD or AWD is needed. Likewise, if you're on a summer trip and plan on sticking to main roads, it's not a necessity as most of the roads in New Zealand are quite good. Regardless, I'll walk you all through the details and make sure you're prepared, informed & confident when booking your transportation! I'm also more than happy to chauffeur you to our locations the day of your elopement, but cannot provide that service outside of your date.

Accommodations In New Zealand


Do you have specific questions or thoughts? Just click the button below, fill out a form (it will take 2-3 minutes) and I'll be in touch soon!

Want to stay in a photogenic location to add some incredible views to your collection? Maybe you're more into camping before your elopement. Either way, I can help direct you to the style of lodging you'd like. New Zealand has lots of incredible places to stay, from modern Airbnb's to more remote huts. Wether you want a just place to stay at night or an incredible view to celebrate your commitment at, we'll find the perfect place for you.


4850 - 9850 (usd)

Average Wedding Cost New Zealand

(Current travel dates discounted)


4850 - 9850 (usd)

(Current travel dates discounted)

850 - 1750 (usd)

The prices show of an average wedding cost in New Zealand shown here are to give you a better idea of how much you might spend on a New Zealand elopement. These costs are based off my personal research and rates.

rated for travel both ways for one person

100 - 350 (usd)


per day / Not Including gas

Are a deal hunter like me? Expect prices on the lower end. Know you want to splurge a little bit on this trip? Keep your prices on the higher end.


125 - 450 (usd)

per night

misc. details

500 - 950 (usd)


flowers, make up, hair, etc.


misc. expenses

250 - 450 (usd)

food, gas, etc. (per day, both people)

New Zealand Wedding




High End Cost Of A New Zealand Elopement

Low End Cost Of A New Zealand Elopement

The Average Cost Of A New Zealand Elopement

Estimated costs are based off of a hypothetical 7-day trip, and includes videography.

Estimated costs are based off of a hypothetical 7-day trip, and includes videography.

Estimated costs are based off of a hypothetical 7-day trip, and does not include videography.




17850 - 22850 (usd)

11850 - 14850 (usd)

24850 - 34850 (usd)




New Zealand Wedding Photographer & Videographer

I'm much more than just you New Zealand Wedding Photographer & Videographer. With 7+ years in the elopement and wedding world, I'll be your guide though this entire process. I specialize in New Zealand Destination Weddings and am always more than happy to share my wealth of knowledge. I get it, planning an elopement or wedding in a place that you have spent limited (or no) time at can be daunting. Rest assured, together, we'll create a wedding day that's 100% you, stress free.

Colorado Elopement Videographer

New Zealand Wedding Photographer

New Zealand Wedding Videographer

As Your New Zealand Wedding Photographer, my approach is quite different than most. I photograph elopements as if I were filming them. This entails a slower approach that allows you to live out your wedding day as it naturally happens. Less posing, and more moments that feel like you, which helps your photos also look like you. For 2023 forward, I'll only be shooting elopements on film and also on a limited basis.

As Your New Zealand Wedding Videographer, it's my ultimate goal to tell you story to it's fullest. Combining movement and sound not only adds all the extra feels to your day, it also truly shows who you are. You'll hear your heartfelt words just as they were, in addition to seeing every smile, laugh, and little moment. It's the perfect way to pass on your legacy for generations to come.



New Zealand Wedding

Elopement Films


Elopement films allow you to be fully present in the moment on your wedding day so you can re-live each moment just as it was for years to come. Just take a deep breath, and don't think about anything else except your loved one and the incredible moment you're in, I'll take care of the rest!

Elopement Photography


While I now specialize in elopement films, I started out 7 years ago as an elopement photographer. Starting in 2023, I'll only be photographing 3 elopements each year to primarily focus on films.


Alongside my great friends Lauren & Travis of Love, Lorraine, I offer a luxury photo + film + planning elopement package. With 15+ years of combined experience, we're here to help you build an incredibly intentional wedding day that's 100% tailored to you, and we know exactly how.

For all of my current 2023 dates, take 1000 off each package! (Excluding photo + video)


black sand beach iceland elopement


- Kayla & Nathan

Iceland Elopement Video at Reynisfjara Beach

Francis Sylvest Films

Two Expert Storytelling Brands

With One Common Goal


Queenstown New Zealand Elopement

queenstown new zealand elopement

New Zealand Elopement Photography or Videography Coverage

Elopement Planning Expertise & Resources

Customized New Zealand Elopement Planning Portal

Below Are Just A Few Things Included In Your Elopement Planning Portal

» A curated interactive map with recommended locations, lodging, trail information, etc.

» Lodging & vendor recommendations

» Permit & marriage license information

» Adventures & experiences to plan on your elopement day

Unlimited Consultations

Custom Day-Of Elopement Timeline

Your New Zealand Elopement Deliverables

2023 New Zealand Travel Dates

(Pricing For Dates Below Shows Waived Travel)


All pricing shown on my website includes all travel fees. However, since I'll already be traveling to New Zealand in 2023, the already included travel costs have been removed, and all Iceland pricing for the dates listed below are at a discounted rate as a result! Normally, these packages start at 4850. Why? When I have multiple bookings it doesn't make sense for me to charge everyone the full, fee, so I've reduced costs on each package to spread out these costs evenly. Overall, you'll save $1,000 (already taken off the price shown above) which is a win for all of us!

Eloping In Iceland at a Black Sand Beach Elopement in South Iceland

TBD Late 2023

March 15th-23rd, 2023

This trip is currently in development for December 2023 /January 2024 I'd love to come back again 2023 but don't currently have anything on the books. If you're interested I have plenty of availability and would absolutely love to help create and capture your day!

What You'll See: TBD!

What You'll Experience: TBD, but 100% the best of New Zealand!

Let's explore New Zealand together! On this trip, I'll be exploring the South Island. Starting out in Christchurch and making my way down to the Milford and Doubtful sound areas before heading back home to the US.

What You'll See: The incredible mountains and stunning scenery of the South Island of New Zealand. From sunning glaciers to waking up on the mountainous views of Lake Wānaka, we'll be able to cover it all, and without rushing.

What You'll Experience: The incredible Māori culture and all the best sights of New Zealand. The areas listed above are incredibly stunning, accessible, and it all comes at one of the most beautiful times of the year.

Don't see the date or location you're looking for? Just contact me via the button below and I'll see what I can do! I'm always down to add another trip to this schedule!



Where Are You Located?

We Want To Get Married In New Zealand But Don't Know Where. Can You Help?

Yes! I help the majority of my couples find a location that's a great fit for them and their day. Over the years, I've put all my secret New Zealand Elopement Locations (and the well-known) into a customized map. When you book with me, I'll give you full access. I'm also always open to locations that aren't on the map as well, it's just a tool I use to give you some inspiration and get your search started!

I currently live with my wife Elsa in Boulder, Colorado (USA). We love to travel and have found that New Zealand and Iceland are our absolute favorite places. In the future, we hope to spend a month or two at time in New Zealand.

How Far In Advance Should We Book You?

Do You Have Travel Fees? If So, What Are Your Rates To Travel To New Zealand?

For New Zealand Elopements I ask that you book me 8-12 months in advance (if applicable) for dates that I wasn't currently going to be in NZ. For current travel dates, reach out to at any time, but 3-months in advance would be ideal so I can plan accordingly. While I will book in under that time frame, the further in advance you book, the better travel rates we'll all be able to get, and I can better guarantee my availability.

Yes. However, they will be included in a quote that I give you after our introduction call. As a seasoned traveler, I'm all about making travel affordable, and know exactly how. Rest assured, while I want to be comfortable, the rate for travel will highly reasonable, and reflect the standard cost of a New Zealand trip. If I want to upgrade my travel, lodging, etc. It will be on my own dime, not yours.

How Much Planning Do You Do? Should We Hire A Planner?

What's It Like To Work With You?

For elopements, I have you covered! I have some great resources to come aside you and help you plan your day. I also offer my best planning services alongside my great friends Lauren & Travis of Love, Lorraine (elopement photographers). They do the photos and I shoot the videos, and all three of us will use our 15+ years of experience to help you create and incredible day. For traditional weddings, I would suggest hiring a planner.

I'm naturally a very laid back person. When filming and photographing couples I tend to try to match your vibe the best I can so that I can really take the 'fly on the wall' approach. I also take the approach of not creating for social media, but rather what you will enjoy seeing 5, 20, or 50 years from now. I love what I do, but in the end it isn't just for me, but for you and your legacy.