Top 5 Reasons Hire A Videographer For Your Iceland Adventure Elopement

Interested in hiring an Iceland Adventure Elopement Videographer for your elopement? These are my top 5 reasons to hire a videographer for your Iceland adventure elopement or wedding. In the end, elopement videography brings a special aspect to your wedding day. From hearing each others voices to re-living each intimate moment, your Iceland elopement video will cover it all.


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This isn't a photo vs. video argument. Elopement films capture an essence that photos just simply can't match. It's the sound of your loved ones voice, the movements & mannerisms that make them uniquely them. All of these things simply can't be captured in photographs. We'll meld all of these aspects together into a film that's uniquely you, that will bring you right back to the moment of your Iceland Elopement the second you hear & feel the emotional all over again.

Relive The DayWhenever You Want.

Every moment of your film will bring you right back to the moment. From the first time you saw your spouse, to hearing the intimate vows that you wrote for this perfect day. There's no denying that words and moments are powerful, and there's nothing more powerful than having those moments captured forever, just as they were.

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While you might want everyone you love the most to be there with you, it might not be feasible. Having a videographer at your Iceland Elopement or Wedding is an incredible day to share your day with everyone you love the most. They'll see your reactions, hear your words, oftentimes in a more intimate setting than if they were there in person. Nothing will be left behind.

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While a photo can evoke a great amount of emotion, they won't bring you back to the moment quite like hearing your loved one's words. It's an intimate moment that you'll be able to live over again for the rest of your lives, and share with your future family for generations to come. In the end, your film will have audio of your raw & authentic interactions, in addition to the more structured moments like your vows or letters.


Your wedding day shouldn't be the main character of your Iceland elopement film. Rather, you should be & it should be a supporting role to tell your story. Rather than filming your elopement day in a linear form like most wedding videos, we'll take the approach of using your elopement day as a supporting character of your day. In the end, we'll tell your story in a cinematic, emotional way that tells the story of you.

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