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      If you’re interested in having your mountain adventure elopement or intimate wedding in Colorado, this guide will cover it all. From potential locations, licenses, & permits, I’ll cover everything you need to take into consideration, along with how to book the elopement photography (or videography) package you actually want, and that fits your specific day! 


      Colorado is only one of three states in the country that allows self-solemnization wedding ceremonies and requires no witnesses to be present or sign your license! In other words, you & your partner have no obligation to have anyone other than yourselves present on your elopement day to direct your ceremony or act as a witness. That’s right. You can literally show up, go to the mountains & have one the most epic wedding days, just the two of you!

      If you’re wondering what this looks like or how a ceremony works with no officiant, it comes down to what you want to make it! While most couples will say personalized vows, it’s also very common to read letters from loved ones who aren’t present or to incorporate a special part of your relationship into your ceremony.

      It doesn’t have to be very long, detailed, or wordy, just however long you feel is appropriate to express your devotion to your loved one. I’ve photographed elopement ceremonies that have lasted anywhere between 5 and 25 minutes, with most of them being in the 10 – 15-minute range. 

      At the end of the day, it’s your day and celebration, so make it exactly how you want! 


      Getting a marriage license in Colorado (regardless of your state residency) is actually a really streamlined & simple process! Currently, in most* counties around Boulder, Denver, and the front range, allow you to request your license via an online form, then schedule the date and time that you are ready to pick it up. You will then show up for your appointment, show a valid ID & you’ll be good to go! All Colorado marriage licenses cost $30 and can be used within 35 days of being issued. 

      While I cannot apply for or pick up the license for you, I’m always more than happy to help find the most convenient place for you to get your license! 

      *Boulder County (along with a couple of other counties) require you to have a Colorado address in order to receive a marriage license. 


      There are countless beautiful locations to pick as the backdrop to your adventure elopement background, and Colorado is hands down one of the best & most beautiful places in the country. While this is the case, if you’re not familiar with the area you’re thinking of eloping, it can seem like a real needle in a haystack situation. So much beauty, so many options, but I’m always here to help!

      I love getting to help couples find the perfect location for their elopement, as I’m always down to go somewhere new, or take you to my favorite spots! If you’re interested in a location that neither of us has been to, I’ll do the research & scouting to make the day as smooth as possible.



      Colorado has a great network of National & State Parks as well as National Forests and privately owned lands (though it may not seem like it). While there are many locations that require no permits or reservations, there are quite a few that do in order to ensure the upkeep and beauty of the area. 

      One of the services my elopement packages include is researching the proper permits to ensure that your elopement day goes as smoothly as possible and obtaining them if you wish! It can be quite the hunt to go through the application process for some locations, and if I can take that off your plate I’m always more than happy to! 

      Let's Build Your Elopement Package

      01. Select A Base Package

      02. Lets Find Your Location

      03. Lets Create Your Timeline

      04. A-La-Carte Items

      05. How Move Forward & Book

      a. 3-Hour Elopement Package

      Begins At $1,150

      Will typically allow me to photograph your ceremony and one additional location, and hikes that are under 1-1.5 miles.

      b. 5-Hour Elopement Package

      Begins At $1,500

      Will typically allow me to photograph your ceremony, two additional locations, and hikes that are under 2.5-4 miles.

      c. All-Day Elopement Package

      Begins At $2,000

      Will typically allow me to photograph your ceremony at several different locations, and hikes that are under eight miles.

      i. Additional Info:

      All elopement packages include location scouting, timeline assistance, permit assistance, and vendor assistance if needed. I'm also more than happy to help or find assistance with any other unlisted areas as well!

      a. Location Scouting Is Included!

      That's right! Location scouting is included in all elopement packages at no additional cost. I'm always adding to my list of the most beautiful locations across Colorado & the world that I love to visit and am more than happy to help my couples find the perfect location for their elopement day!

      b. Finding The Perfect Location

      To start we'll set up a call or in-person meeting to introduce ourselves and let you all tell me more about what you have planned and how I can help. During this time I'll gather a few more details and then send suggestions (if needed) tailored to your description and you all can choose from there!

      c. To Hike Or Not To Hike?

      *Spoiler Alert* You actually don't have to hike to get to the most beautiful locations! With Colorado being so expansive, there are plenty of locations that you can drive or walk right up to that you would never guess. I'm always down for a good hike, but we'll find the perfect locations for your exact needs & wants!

      i. Need More Details Before Booking?

      If you'd like more details and help regarding your location before booking I'm always happy to help! Just reach out via the 'contact' page and I'll set up a time to chat! I know that location determines a lot of factors (including the photographer) so I'm always more than happy to help in any way I can with no obligation/cost before you commit to booking!

      a. It's Free! (If You Want It)

      That's right! All elopement packages come with timeline creation & assistance alongside location scouting at no additional cost. This is a great way to have a better grasp of your day and to make sure that we'll be taking more photos! This also proves to be very helpful when guests are present and need to know when & where to meet.

      b. How We'll Create Your Timeline

      First, we'll determine the location(s) and the time of day you all would like to elope! After that, I'll start to compile links to each specific location, as well as travel times, location details, nearby bathrooms (much needed), etc. and put them all in a google doc that can be shared with anyone you wish.

      c. Flexibility Is Key

      The great part about elopements is that you don't have to stick to an exact timeline! While it's helpful to have one, all timelines that I help my clients create are very loose in nature. If we see a great photo spot on the way to location A, we'll just take a quick detour and create the day you really want.

      d. Knowledge Is Wealth

      Need suggestions about which roads to take? Where to eat? Places to see nearby? I have you covered there too! I'm always more than happy to share my knowledge of the area outside of just your wedding day, which can also be included in your timeline & info google doc.

      i. What Exactly Are A-La-Carte Items & Are They Required?

      A-La-Carte items are a few different services that I offer that could benefit your coverage. While they aren't required, I often recommend various ones depending on your location, plans, etc.

      a. Day After Session

      Day after sessions are amazing for couples having an intimate wedding or elopement that plan on having their families present, but also want to sneak away for some extra photos at sunrise or sunset at their favorite spot. It's a great way to have your time with family the day of, but also have the adventure session you want in your wedding attire!

      b. Videography

      I offer a wide array of video options from short highlights, the ceremony, all the way to full videos of your perfect day. With these options, you have countless amounts of flexibility to get the coverage you want, but what also fits your budget! I have a separate cinema camera just for video, so you'll be looking like a movie regardless of your video choice!

      c. Having A Second Shooter

      While 90% of the work I do is done solo, there are times that a second shooter might benefit your coverage. For instance, If +100 are attending your celebration and you love all the organic moments of the day, it might benefit your coverage to have another shooter on-site capturing all the in-between moments

      a. Let's Do It!

      Now things are getting really exciting! If you're ready to book click on the button below this section & fill out a form with as many details as you can for me! This will give me a better idea of what you're looking for and how I can help you through the process!

      b. Let's Schedule An Intro Call

      During this intro call, we'll get to know each other a little as well as let you all express any expectations, wants, or needs you have for the day. I'll be more than happy to answer any questions you all might have, and we can have a laid back conversation about how else I can assist you all!

      c. Booking Process & Deposit

      To complete the booking process & lock-in your date, I require that all couples sign a standard contract agreement that outlines your package details, date, etc. so you know exactly what you're getting & when you'll get it! After signing, I require a 50% deposit of the total package cost, while the remaining 50% is due 30 days out from your date. After that, you're locked in & good to go!

      d. Still Need More Information?

      If you still need more information that's perfectly fine! Just reach out via the button below or the 'Contact' page, fill out the form with as many details as possible and we can set up a time to talk more!






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      Here's A Few Other Factors To Consider When Planning A Mountain Elopement In Colorado, Other States, Or Across The World. We'll Cover Everything From Seasonal Accessibility, Predicting The Weather, And Being Realistic & Honest About How Long Your Elopement Day Should Be & How Much Time You'll Need.