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Iceland Wedding Venues


Oftentimes, the best Iceland elopement locations are not the locations you often see online. While it takes a good bit of knowledge & research to find more hidden spots, you’ll be greatly rewarded for your efforts. In the end, we’ll find the perfect Iceland wedding venue, whether it be a beautiful traditional venue in Reykjavík or amongst the fire and Ice.

Iceland Elopement Locations

Overview Of Iceland

Each Region Of Iceland Has A Unique Set Of Geographical Features

From Fjords, to Glaciers, to Volcanic Black Sand Beaches, you’ll find a wide variety of features in Iceland. Each offers a vastly different backdrop for your Iceland Elopement. Choosing the perfect location really just comes down to the time of year you’d like to elope in Iceland, & how far you’re willing to go!

The Weather & Climate Of Each Region Varies & Can Change Very Quickly

Iceland is known for showing its visitors all four seasons in just a matter of hours. In my personal experiences, I’ve seen calm, blue sky days turn gusty, foggy, & snowy within just a matter of hours. All of this weather can *typically* be predicted based on the location & season, but is an important factor when planning your elopement!

The Time Of Year and Time Of Day That You Visit Iceland Will Determine The Size Of Crowds

Tourism is by far the biggest part of Iceland’s economy. It was reported that nearly 40% of the countries total export value is from tourism alone. Thus, saying it can be extremely busy & crowded is an understatement. We’ll cover more locations that can beat the crowds, & even give you some all to yourselves on your elopement day.

Skogafoss Waterfall in South Iceland Near Vik

iceland Elopement Locations

Locations By Land Features

Iceland elopement locations and wedding venues by land features. From waterfalls to black sand beaches, this will cover all the wedding & elopement locations Iceland has to offer.


Iceland Glacier Wedding

Need I say more? Iceland has an abundance of Glaciers that would be a perfect backdrop to your elopement. You can find them across the country, but the larger ones are found in the Southern & Eastern Regions. From using it as a backdrop, to taking a personal tour on one, the options are endless. The glacier shown above isn’t even considered a big one either. Check out Skeidhararjokull to see.

Iceland Glacier Elopement

The Best Locations For Your Iceland Glacier Elopement

This incredible feat of nature is located in the Eastern Region of Iceland. It’s a perfect location for your Glacier Elopement in Iceland. It allows plenty of space to separate from crowds, & overall has just some stunning views.

This glacier is located in the Southern Region & is surrounded by beautiful mountains. Want a better view of the glacier? Just take a short hike & you’ll be above this impressive feat of nature.

Located not too far from Skaftafell Glacier, the iceberg lagoon is a beautiful elopement location. The light colored icebergs provide a one-of-a-kind view, & some of the most beautiful colors you’ll ever see.

Located in the Southern Region of Iceland (Northwest Corner), Langjokull Glacier is truly a sight. Surrounded by a rocky terrain & black mountains, it’s a uniquely beautiful Iceland elopement location without the crowds & tourism.

The Mountains

Where To Elope In Iceland

If you’re still deciding on where to elope in Iceland, one feature you’ll likely find across the entire Island are the Mountains. While many are not very high in elevation, their stature tells a larger story. Regardless, the mountains of Iceland share an unmatched beauty, often giving way to less dramatic landscapes for a more dreamy feel. An Iceland elopement photographers delight.

Iceland elopement videographers & filmmakers

The Best Iceland Mountain Elopement Locations

This canyon is one of the many incredible mountain elopement locations in Iceland. Whether you want to take trail up the side or forge through the canyon, it has so much to offer for your Iceland adventure elopement.

With ample roads & countless views, the East Fjords provide an abundance of mountain views. Often intertwined with waterfalls & bodies of water, it’s a great option to have as the backdrop to your Iceland elopement.

Northwestern & Northeastern Regions

These regions offer a wide range of mountains with lush greenery & foliage. If timed correctly, these areas are often full of wildflowers that are absolutely beautiful. A major pull to these areas are more remote locations that also offer less tourists.

This area features lush, yet jagged terrain with incredible views. From Canyons to overlooks of valleys & glaciers, it has everything to offer. This is a great location to spend an entire day, as you’ll see just about every land feature Iceland has to offer.

Iceland Black Sand Beaches

Black Sand Beach Iceland Wedding

Having a Black Sand Beach Iceland Wedding is nothing short of incredible. As you can see, they’re unlike anything on earth. From the pebbly black sand to the jagged shorelines, you’ll have no shortage of good views. Generally, the larger Black Sand Beaches can be found on the Southeast side of Iceland, but they are all over. However, they can be quite crowded year-round, so if you’re looking for a less trafficked location, send me a message & let’s talk!

black sand beach iceland wedding

The Best Locations To Have Your Iceland Black Sand Beach Elopement

It’s one of the more well known black sand beaches for a reason. Featuring huge cliffs & bellowing waves, it’s truly a sight to see. While it can be crowded, you can always move dowvn the beach a ways & it will feel like you have it all to yourselves.

This is truly one of the most remarkable elopement locations in Iceland. You’ll be greeted by a black sand beach with towering, jagged, mountains in the near distance. This is an area that you could visit for most of a day & still leave wanting more.

Located in the Northwest corner of Iceland, this beautiful beach is surrounded by the mountains of the West Fjords. It’s at a more isolated location, & usually doesn’t get too busy. Not to mention, Puffins & wildflowers are in abundance during the summer.

One direction features a beautiful beach with jagged rocks, & the other features a glacier covered mountain. Located inside Snæfellsjökull National Park, this beautiful location has so much to offer for lovers of water, mountains, & open space.

best iceland waterfalls

Iceland Waterfall Wedding

It’s reported that Iceland has over 10,000 waterfalls. Some are smaller in nature, but the largest (Seljalandsfoss) features 197 feet of falling water. Needless to say, an Iceland waterfall wedding is a great option. We’ll find the perfect one(s) for you, and enjoy every second of it. Just be sure to bring along an extra pair of shoes & a good rain jacket!

Iceland Waterfall Elopement At Skógafoss

The Best Locations For An Iceland Waterfall Weddings and Elopements

Located in the East Fjords, this waterfall is one of the less trafficked waterfalls, and also incredibly beautiful. If you travel just a little bit further up the mountain, you’ll also have an incredible view of the Fjords, & more cascading falls.

While one of the more remote waterfalls in Iceland, it’s truly spectacular. You’ll oftentimes have it all to yourself, & complete privacy. Not to mention, you’ll get to take a pretty incredible 4×4 trip to get there.

This waterfall is located under a mile from the famous Skógafoss, but has 1/10th of the visitors. It has incredible views in a lush canyon leading up to the falls, & allow you to also get behind the massive falls.

This giant is truly one of the best sights in Iceland. Cascading down a mountain, the sheer size of Dynjandi will leave you in awe. In addition, it’s the perfect waterfall to feel lost in the vast Iceland landscape.

iceland Wedding Venues


Iceland wedding venues and locations by region.

Here we’ll break down the best Iceland elopement locations by the region you can find them in. This is a great way to learn more about Icelandic geography. In addition, it will also show you some of the unique locations that you can find in each region of Iceland.

Iceland’s Regions

Southern Region

Iceland Wedding Locations

Full of incredible mountain landscapes, glaciers, waterfalls & black sands beaches, the Southern Region of Iceland is easily my personal favorite. It can range from 30 minutes to 4-hours from Reykjavík & is very accessible regardless of the season. While very popular in the summer months, it’s perfect for Iceland elopements between late September & early June.

Eastern Region

Iceland Elopement Locations

The Eastern Region of Iceland includes the largest glaciers, as well as some of the most beautiful Fjords. While it is nearly a 9-hour drive from Reykjavík to the Eastern most point, it’s absolutely worth the drive. A major advantage to eloping in the East Fjords is the lack of crowds that you’ll find in the regions closer to the airports & larger cities.

NorthEastern Region

Eloping In Iceland

The Northeastern Region is by far the most geographically diverse. From Fjords to mountains, to the volcanic giants in Vatnajökull National Park, it’s truly spectacular. This part of Iceland is also great for elopements as a great part of it is not as close to the capital & roads are not as accessible in some parts. The summers are absolutely beautiful & you won’t think twice about eloping here.

Northwestern Region

Where TO Elope In iCELAND

While the Northwest region of Iceland doesn’t have many grand features tourist features it still has so much to offer. With lots of beautiful farmland & incredible mountains, it’s an easy favorite if you’re a fan of small crowds & grand views. If you’re looking for coastal views, this is also a great region to find plenty of cliffs & coastline with big mountains in the near distance.

Westfjords Region

Iceland Elopements

The Westfjords region of Iceland really holds its own & is considered one of the “least explored” parts of the country. With an abundance of tucked away beaches, to 360 view points, it has it all. While travel can take longer due to winding, indirect, roads, it’s well worth having your elopement here. If you’re lucky you’ll find one of the many hot springs & have the view all to yourself.

Western Region

Iceland Wedding Locations

Full of incredible mountain landscapes, glaciers, waterfalls & black sands beaches, the Southern Region of Iceland is easily my personal favorite. It can range from 30 minutes to 4-hours from Reykjavík & is very accessible regardless of the season. While very popular in the summer months, it’s perfect for Iceland elopements between late September & early June.

Capital Southern Peninsula Region

Reykjavík Wedding Venues

Due to their smaller size & proximity, I’m going to include these two together. While not as diverse as the rest of Iceland, these regions do have a lot to offer. From the famed Blue Lagoon, to active volcanoes, you won’t have any shortage of beautiful landscapes. If you’re eloping in Iceland in the Winter months & aren’t as adapt to winter driving, this region is the perfect region for you!

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