Brainard Lake Snowshoe Engagement

Located Near Boulder, Colorado, Brainard Lake Is A Local Staple For Intimate Weddings, Elopements & Engagements

Sarah & Ross’s engagement was nothing short of a beautiful day topped off with a surprise Engagement at the edge of Brainard Lake. After two miles of snowshoeing through trails covered in high-altitude fir trees, we arrived at the edge of Brainard Lake. While mostly calm, it was quite the opposite at the base of the lake, as the winds gusted at upwards of 30 miles per hour.

Sarah & Ross then made their way onto the frozen lake and embraced for a quick moment, likely to shield themselves from the wind. Minutes later, the big moment made its appearance, as Ross got on one knee to pop the question. Though I couldn’t hear due to the wind, emotions gave me no reason to doubt that the answer was yes, and wouldn’t have been anything else.

After their initial celebration, we quickly made our way back into the trees. As we made our way back, we took portraits at several different staple locations known for elopements. Despite the weather, Brainard Lake never disappoints. Its high altitude & accessibility make it the perfect location for most couples looking to elope or have an adventure.

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