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A vibrant Boulder Colorado Engagement Photoshoot at Chautauqua Park in the summer.

A Morning In The Colorado Mountains

It was an early morning in the Rocky Mountains just outside of Denver. From the looks of the radar, we would be lucky to get a few moments without rain over our heads. The summer of 2023 had been a rainy one thus far, perhaps due to the large amount of snowfall over the Rocky Mountains over the winter. Regardless, we set out to the foothills in hopes that it would clear. As we arrived to foothills near Boulder and started to drive up the mountains, we were met with a thick band of clouds. This isn’t very common for Colorado, at least without rain to follow that is. Turning off at Flagstaff Mountain, we hoped that it would clear, if even for just a moment.

I began to load my Pentax 645 with Portra 800. With a cloudy morning as such, it would probably be the best fit for this shoot. After only a few shots, it began to clear. The clouds broke away from the mountains, as if they were heading off to the eastern plains. The sun then met us, it was now far too bright for the film stock, but what’s a person to do? Shoot. As Mady & Kevin walked out to the overlook just below Sunrise Amphitheater, it all fell together. A lone band of clouds settled just below the flatirons. A rock that has seen long before our time, perfectly framed the formation, and Mady & Kevin stood before a grand gesture of nature.

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Denver, Colorado Engagement Photographer
An engaged couple stands on a rock on Flagstaff Mountain with the Flatirons in the background.
Engagement rings on a rock in Boulder, Colorado
An engaged couple holds hands and walks towards the Boulder Flatirons at Chautauqua Park in Boulder, Colorado.
Sunrise engagement photoshoot at Chautauqua Park
Engagement photos at Chautauqua Park in Boulder, Colorado
An engaged couple hold hands and walk through a grassy field near Denver.
A Boulder, Colorado elopement photographed on kodak film
Colorado engagement photographer
A couple who just got engaged in Denver embrace in celebration.
Denver Engagement Photos in the early summer with vibrant green grass.


Boulder, Colorado

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