Iceland Wedding & Elopement Timeline Examples

Don't know where to start planning your Iceland Adventure Elopement? Check out a few of the Iceland Elopement & Wedding day timelines I have below to get a better idea! This will give you a better idea of how your time could be used during your elopement day, as well as some of the things Iceland has to offer!

You don't have to follow these timelines to the dot!

Rather, these are meant to act as a point of reference or starting point to let you know what an Iceland Elopement could like like, just to get you started. Once your mind get's going & the inspiration starts to flow in, we'll create a day just for you, and live it out in your own fashion.

Each elopement day is created just for you!

That's right! I take great joy in seeing that no two elopement days are the same. You're not like any other couple, so why should your day look like someone else's? We'll build the day from the ground up, and it will be 100% you. No compromise.

Iceland elopement wedding in the Eastfjords

Iceland Summer Elopement Timeline

Iceland Summer Elopement In The Midnight Sun (Eastfjords Elopement)

This provides an abnormally long "sunrise & sunset" & golden hour quite literally turns into "golden hours." While you might stay up a bit later past your bedtime to see this phenomenon, you'll be greatly rewarded with minimal people around you, & a unique collection of photos that feature only the best of lighting!

The Midnight Sun is caused by the tilt of the earth's axis toward the sun in the summer months. As a result, from May - August, there is always a little bit of daylight during the nighttime. The midnight sun is at it's peak on June 21st, when there is just over 21 hours of full daylight.

12:30 pM

Iceland Summer Elopement Example Timeline


Francis arrives at Your Airbnb In Bakkagerði as you're starting to get ready & packed up for the day.

We'll have specific discussed locations in the planning phase, (vows, first look, etc.) so we'd have it all down beforehand!

This day is all about flexibility though, so if in the moment you decide to pivot locations or the timeline, we can! Some of the most beautiful scenery & moments will happen naturally!


Since we'll be doing a little bit of driving, you can either get ready at the Airbnb or take your clothes & change later!

2:03 AM

Sunrise Time

1:30 pM

4:30 pM

Depart your Airbnb & start making our way along Road F946 on the way to Klyppstaðarkirkja

11:52 pM

Head down to Our Final Destination & start making the camp or picnic style dinner you brought along with you!

Sunset Time


7:00 pM

During this route, we can stop to explore or take some photos wherever you wish! You'll have me all day, so explore it all!

Wrap up dinner, take a few photos in This Beautiful Valley, & discuss which of the locations you'd like to say your vows.

8:00 PM

2:30 pM

Arrive at our First Overlook Location & explore the area for a bit & take some photos!

Time to make it official! After we can take some photos as the seemingly endless golden hour happens!

3:30 pM

12:00 - 1:00 AM

Get on the road again & make our way to the other side of the mountain range for This Incredible View

Wrap up & head back to your airbnb or you can stay at This Really Cool Place if you don't want to make the trek back!

Iceland Elopement In South Iceland

Elopement & Wedding Timeline Examples Iceland

Half-Day Iceland Elopement Timeline (Iceland Highlands)

In this example timeline we'll explore the highlands of Iceland. From jaw dropping waterfalls to incredible views of the volcanic land we'll see it all. Half-day Iceland Elopement Packages start at 6-hours of coverage, which are great for elopements outside of the summer months. Let's get you eloped in Iceland!

12:30 pM

Early September South Iceland Elopement Timeline

5:00 PM

Francis arrives at the incredible Panorama Glass Lodge you're staying at as you're making lunch.

Take a quick break for dinner & then take a few moments to get dressed & ready for the big moment!

1:00 pM

5:30 pm

After eating, I'll take some details photos of the area as you two start to get ready & packed up for the day.

Say your vows in One Of The Most Incredible Scenes You've Ever Seen! Then maybe pop some champagne & enjoy the moment.

6:21 AM

Sunrise Time

1:30 pM

8:00 pM

8:29 pM

We'll head out to our location, the monster waterfall Haifoss

(Hike down with your clothes on, or wait to change at the bottom)

We'll explore the area, take some photos & then start to make the trek back up no later than the time listed above.

Sunset Time

3:30 pM

9:00 pM

Arrive & take our time to make the hike down to the base where we'll be met with some views you'll never forget.

Arrive at the trailhead & depart back to the Panoramic Lodge.

What to pack for your Iceland elopement

Reykjavík Iceland Elopement & Wedding Timeline

Half-Day Reykjavík Iceland Elopement Example Timeline

For this timeline, I'm going to assume you love city life, cityscapes, & also want a bit of the beautiful outdoors as your backdrop. We'll start off the day in downtown Reykjavik, explore the city for a bit doing the things you love most, & then head out to the coast for some beautiful scenery!

8:00 AM

Early March Elopement Near Reykjavík, Iceland

11:00 aM

Francis arrives at Your Cool Airbnb in Downtown Reykjavik. You'll start to get ready & I'll blend in to document it!

We'll arrive at our location, explore the area & find the perfect spot for you to say your vows!

8:30 AM

11:45 am

Once you're ready to go, we'll make the short trek to Reykjavik Roasters, grab something to eat & shoot in their beautiful space.

You can say your vows in the beautiful spot you hand picked & enjoy the moment.

8:21 AM

Sunrise Time

9:45 AM (Flex option 1)

12:00 pM

6:58 pM

We can hang out in this part of town and take some more photos in the beautiful scenery, or choose option #2:

We'll explore the area for a bit, take some photos, eat some lunch & just enjoy the day, scenery, & your commitment.

Sunset Time

9:45 AM (Flex option 2)

1:00 pM

Make our way to our next location for your vows! Here are a couple spots I love! Indjánahöfði and Valahnúkamöl

Begin to wrap things up on this beautiful morning - or - if you'd like to keep shooting we can keep the celebration going!




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