What To Pack For Your Iceland Elopement & Wedding

Must Have Items To Pack For Your Iceland Elopement

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What To Pack For Your Iceland Wedding

What You Need To Pack For Your Iceland Elopement Or Wedding

While the sections below are break down what to pack by season, the items listed here are my everyday essentials for elopements & weddings in Iceland. Regardless of the season, these items can prove to be helpful!


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Outer Layer

Carrying Your Things

Base Layer

Misc Items

Hydration & Food

Iceland Elopement Photographers & Videographers

Iceland Fall / Winter Elopement Packing

Iceland Spring / Summer Elopement Packing

Again, long story short, bring your layers, just heavier ones! Due to limited sunlight by the high latitude, Iceland is a naturally colder climate. Being prepared for the varying climate (wind, snow, rain) should also be a top priority. It's always safe to bring more layers and remove them as needed, rather than being uncomfortable from the cold. Regardless of what you're doing, I'd highly suggest bringing warm clothes and multiple pairs if you have them.

Bring plenty of layers during the Spring & Summer seasons. Average high temperatures will range from the mid-40's to 50's, but again, the weather can greatly change comfort levels. While you won't encounter winter weather as much, you will still run into the occasional windy day. Otherwise, during the day, mid to light layers will sufficiently keep you comfortable, especially if you're hiking or doing more active things.

What Would You Suggest For Multi-Day Shoots?

Heavy Jackets. Yay or Nay?

Multi-Day shoots in Iceland are the best way to get the most incredible photos of your trip. While some multi-day shoots will allow us to stay at more established lodging, others might be a small hiking hut such as This One. In this event, we might need additional items such as sleeping bags, freeze dried foods, a camping stove etc. If that is the case, rest assured that I'll be there to make sure you have everything you need for that specific adventure!

If you're getting married in Iceland between October - May I would highly suggest having a heavy jacket on hand. Average high temperatures range from 28(F) to 36(F) depending on the month, but high winds can easily put the wind chill deep in the negatives. Having an extra insulating layer to help you break the wind on windy days is a great advantage to have and can greatly help your overall comfort.

What to pack for your Iceland elopement

Packing For Your Iceland Elopement Or Wedding

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Just use the button below, fill out a form (with no obligation to book) I'd be more than happy to help! Iceland is the land of many seasons & extreme weather, sometimes all in the same day. Helping couples be prepared, informed & comfortable during their Iceland Elopements is one of my top priorities and you are no exception.

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