Iceland Destination Wedding In June at Glymur Waterfall in Hvalfjordur West Iceland

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Born from the fire in the depths of the earth, Iceland stands as one of the most sought after destinations this world has to offer. As a result, Iceland Destination Weddings have become very popular. Known for the stunning views and highly unpredictable weather, getting married in Iceland is no simple feat.

Embrace the wind. Embrace the drops of rain that will happily greet you on your wedding day. It’s a part of the process, an initiation to the landscape, the scorched earth that few before us have explored.

As a wedding photographer specializing in Iceland destination weddings and elopements, just know that I’m here to help. From start to finish, I’ll walk this journey with you.

Iceland Destination Wedding

Along a windy, narrow, road just northeast of Reykjavík you’ll find a place. A Fjord to be exact. Known for windy roads along the waterfront. Windy gusts tearing through, shaping the land as snow falls, resting the mountains above. After settling in the midst of winter, it begins to give way to the summer warmth, if you can call it that. Rather, it gives way to the sun. At it’s longest stint, the sun will never leave, giving way to the snow to turn into water, the water giving way to the ocean, forming this land land feature.

At the base of this fjord you will find a waterfall. A strong, mighty, one too. It’s called Glymur. It’s powerful rush can be heard from long distances, it’s beauty is unmatched.Towering at 198 meters tall, this mighty giant claims the title as the second tallest waterfall in Iceland. To arrive at it’s base requires it’s guests to ford a river and travel by foot for over three miles. However, the views, the quiet and the stillness are worth it. This is where our story begins and where a beautiful moment between Colin & Naomi will always prevail.

Iceland Wedding in Hvalfjordur Near Reykjavík
Wide angle photograph of an Iceland Destination Wedding in West Iceland
Iceland Adventure Wedding Elopement in West Iceland near Reykjavík
Iceland Wedding Details from a summer wedding in West Iceland
Glymur Waterfall wedding in West Iceland
Iceland Destination Wedding
Iceland Bride and groom first look at their Iceland Destination Wedding
Iceland bride in her wedding gown at Glymur Waterfall in West Iceland
Iceland waterfall wedding photographed on Kodak Film Portra 400
Iceland waterfall wedding
Iceland wedding ceremony at Glymur waterfall in west Iceland near Reykjavík
Iceland Destination Wedding Photographer
Iceland wedding photographer and videographer
Iceland elopement photographer
Bride and groom share a celebratory drink after their wedding ceremony in west Iceland
Iceland elopement photographer and videographer
Iceland landscape under the midnight sun in west Iceland near Reykjavík
Iceland Elopement

Iceland Wedding

Háifoss is the gateway to the Iceland highlands. Being the 4th highest waterfall on the island, it’s might flow attracts people from all across the world. Naomi & Colin opted to explore Háifoss on a second day, making the hike down into the canyon to view the falls from below. It was a beautiful day in Iceland, but of course a bit windy, A classic feature of Iceland Weddings.

Iceland wedding at Háifoss
Iceland wedding invitations and wedding rings on a rocky lava rock
Iceland wedding bouquet and flowers
Iceland Elopement bouquet in front of a field of purple lupine flowers at Háifoss
Iceland wedding in a lupine field near Háifoss
Iceland Wedding bride and groom hiking through a field of lupine flowers next to a river in Iceland
Iceland Destination Wedding in the highlands of Iceland near Háifoss
Háifoss Waterfall wedding in Iceland
A bride and groom hike towards Háifoss waterall in Iceland
Iceland Wedding Photographer Háifoss
Háifoss Waterfall in Iceland with a bride and groom
Iceland Destination wedding at Háifoss
A bride and grooms hands with their wedding rings in Iceland
Iceland Destination Wedding Photographer and Videographer
Iceland Elopement at Háifoss

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