Getting Married In Iceland

How To Elope In Iceland

As the sun peaks down over the horizon, it just truly never sets. From endless summer nights, to the vast wintery landscape, this is why getting married in Iceland is a complete dream. In this guide, we’ll talk about how to elope in Iceland. Furthermore, the first steps to take, most important aspects to consider and exactly how to have your Iceland wedding or elopement be a complete success. Let’s dive in.

How To Find Your Iceland Elopement Photographer

Iceland Elopement

Pro Tip: Most Iceland Elopement Photographers Will Help You Plan Your Elopement

That’s right! That’s why finding your Iceland elopement photographer or videographer should be one of the first steps you take! Here’s a few steps to help you find the perfect photographer for your Iceland elopement or small wedding.

Find An Elopement Photographer Who You Connect With On A Personal Level

After all, you’re going to spend the day with them! Hop on a call and make sure you connect with them. Being comfortable with someone you trust on your elopement day is a top priority.

Connect With A Photographers Work and Picture Yourself In It

In addition to connecting with them personally, you also want to really love their work! Pro Tip: When you look at their work ask yourself: Can I picture myself in these photos? Does the coloring & feel of their photos match my personality?

Hire An Iceland Elopement Photographer Who Will Help You Plan

Pro Tip: Most elopement photographers will help you plan your elopement! Finding someone who’s knowledgeable about the area is very important. From finding locations, places to stay, and knowing the local etiquette will greatly help you day go smoothly.

How To Set Your Date & Location When Eloping In Iceland

Eloping In Iceland

Picking your date & location for your Iceland Elopement go hand in hand! Here are some things to consider when trying to find the perfect date and location when eloping in Iceland. Just remember: The time of year that you choose to get married in Iceland will greatly effect the locations that are accessible.

Iceland Wedding Photographer, Iceland Elopement Photographer at Skaftafell

How To Choose A Date For Your Iceland Elopement

The Best Season To Elope In Iceland

The seasons in Iceland greatly determine the visuals of the landscape. Summers oftentimes bring vibrant colors, while the winters cover most landscapes with snow. Fall is also a beautiful time of the year in Iceland, as the colors begin to change & crowds start to fade.

Iceland’s Weather & Climate

Each season in Iceland varies by a significant amount. The summer’s are very mild (& mostly calm) while the winters are cold, somewhat snowy & cold. When eloping in Iceland, it’s generally best to think about what temperatures you’re wiling to be out in for the day.

Travel Costs To Iceland

In the Summer months (June – August) are the busiest times to visit Iceland. Tourism is in full swing & you’ll oftentimes find higher rates & more difficulty around lodging, etc. Eloping in Iceland in the off season months is also equally beautiful, but also might save you a bit too!

A bride and groom hold hands and look into the distance in front of Sólheimajökull Glacier during their Iceland Elopement in October

Finding Your Iceland Elopement Location

When Is Our Location Accessible?

Like many places with varying climates, not all locations in Iceland are accessible in every season. In other cases, they might be accessible, but preparations & precautions are required to get there. While mainly present in the winter months, but it’s always safe to be prepared.

To What Extent Are We Willing To Hike/Drive

Iceland has plenty of elopement locations that don’t require extensive travel. In most cases, if you want privacy & the best backdrops, going out of your way will give you incredible results! Whether it’s hiking or taking a 4×4 F-Road, it’s worth asking how far you’re willing to go.

What Do You Want As Your Elopement Backdrop?

What backdrop to you want to have at your Iceland elopement? Would you rather greenery & wildflowers or snowy mountains? These are just a couple of questions to ask to get your search started! Also determining which temperatures you’re willing to be in is another huge factor.

When To Book Your Flights and How To Travel In Iceland

Where To Elope In Iceland

If you’re still deciding on where to elope in Iceland, one feature you’ll likely find across the entire Island are the Mountains. While many are not very high in elevation, their stature tells a larger story. Regardless, the mountains of Iceland share an unmatched beauty, often giving way to less dramatic landscapes for a more dreamy feel. An Iceland elopement photographers delight.

A bride and groom share their vows during their Iceland elopement at the Arctic Henge in North Iceland

Booking Flights To Iceland

The Most Affordable Time To Fly To Iceland

Off-season months are by far the most affordable times to fly to Iceland. Off-season months typically range from Late September – April. Generally, I’ve found that October is one of the best times of year due to mid temps, very low tourism, and great prices to travel.

Research Iceland’s Weather & Climate

While the off-season might be more affordable to travel to Iceland, there are factors to consider. However, you’ll be met with shorter days and more adverse weather. While these conditions don’t exist 24/7, it’s good to know the typical weather patterns which you can find HERE

Consider Travel Costs By Season

The summer months (June – August) are the busiest times to visit Iceland. Tourism is in full swing & you’ll oftentimes find higher rates & more difficulty around lodging, etc. Eloping in Iceland in the off season months is also equally beautiful, however might save you a bit too!

A bride and groom eloping in Iceland in October hold hands in a moody mountain landscape.

Traveling In Iceland

Renting A Car In Iceland

Vehicle rentals are actually quite simple in Iceland. Just reserve online, fill out some papers when you arrive & you’re good to go. Oftentimes you can expect to pay around $250 before insurance for 3-days, though gas is where it gets expensive. In most cases, you’ll end up paying $8-$10 USD per gallon.

Using Public Transportation In Iceland

Public transportation around Reykjavík is quite good. Most importantly, it’s very easy to get from the airport to Reykjavík. However, the bus system is also very extensive and will allow you to travel the whole circle of the island. Check out for more details on public transit.

Flights To More Remote Parts Of Iceland

I’ll start with this – It’s expensive to fly within Iceland. Generally, a flight from Reykjavík to the Eastfjords is oftentimes just a little less than flying to Iceland from say New York or Chicago. However, if you have a short trip it might save you an 8-hour drive, but for extended trips I highly suggest taking the drive & seeing the scenery!

Best Places To Stay During Your Iceland Wedding

Iceland Wedding

The architecture of Iceland is simply stunning. With a mix of modern and traditional nordic homes amongst a vast, landscape there’s a wide range of backdrops available for Iceland weddings. Let’s dive into a brief overview of places to stay in Iceland.

Pre Wedding Photoshoot at Reykjavík Roasters in Downtown Reykjavík


Enjoy spectacular nature from the comfort of a cozy Luxury Dome.

Centrally located in downtown Reykjavik close to food, shops and the city.

Sporting modern looks but also warm and cozy at the same time

A modern home surrounded by wildflower fields. Perfect for privacy.

A bride and groom walk down Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach on their Iceland wedding day

Vik & Kirkjubæjarklaustur

An incredibly beautiful Icelandic cabin in the middle of unique volcanic land features.

Stylish A-Frame cabin next to a creek. Perfect for Iceland Northern Lights elopements.

Tucked away in a small wooded area near Iceland’s most beautiful elopement locations.

Luxury nature resort nestled on the south coast of Iceland near Vik.

An amazing and cozy atmosphere near the famous Seljalandsfoss waterfall.

Northeastern Region Of Iceland

Akureyri (Northern Iceland)

Located in the beautiful Icelandic countryside, perfect for exploring the north.

Great mix of relaxation & exploration of the Northern landscape.

Experience a night “under” the stars, the Northern Lights or the midnight sun.

Modern & beautiful apartment in old town Akureyri.

Eleven Deplar Farm Wedding

This is easily one of the most unique stays in Iceland. With plentiful amenities and eclectic design, it’s stunning.

Búðakirkja The Black Church of Budir, Iceland

Grundarfjörður & Búðir

Lava fields, black beaches, birdlife & whale watching are all within minutes.

Breathtaking view of the mountains and towards the ocean, tucked away in a quiet area of Iceland.

The perfect place to enjoy the Icelandic nature and its calmness.

Incredible overlook of the countless Isles on the Breidafjordur Bay.views.

Elopement Timeline Example

Iceland Elopement Day Timeline

Just know, these Iceland elopement timeline examples are not meant to be your exact wedding day. Rather, give you an idea of what your Iceland wedding day could look and feel like. Every Iceland elopement day has different needs and wants and is 100% customizable.

black sand beach iceland wedding

Multi-Day Iceland Elopement In South Iceland

Day One | 6-Hours (Casual Exploration Day)

• 2:00 pm | Meet at Viewpoint of Fjallsjökull / check out the area
• 3:00 pm | Glacier Lagoon Tour – or – explore more around Diamond Beach
• 5:00 pm | Make the drive to Stokksnes / stopping wherever you’d like
• 6:00 pm | Sunset at Stokksnes (the beach & rocky shore)
• 8:00 pm | Last light / wrap up for the day

Day Two | 10-Hours (Wedding Day)

• 6:30 am | I’ll arrive at your hotel in Vik for getting ready / details
• 7:15 am | Head out to Víkurfjara or Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach
• 8:00 am | Enjoy the view, start your ceremony wen you’re ready
• 8:30 am | Photos around the area
• 9:30 am | head to Dyrhólaey or Sólheimajökull Glacier
• 11:30 am | Wrap up the morning session

– Break –

• 4:00 pm | Meet our private 4×4 guide to explore the Katla Geopark
• 5:00 pm | Katla Ice Cave Tour or Mountain Locations
• 6:30 pm | Dinner on the mountain
• 7:30 pm | Best lighting (possible location: Þakgil)
• 9:00 pm | Last light / wrap up for the day

Elopement Ideas

Unique Elopement Ideas

The goal her is to not overcomplicate, to do what feels right. Don’t get wrapped up in what you’re ‘doing’ on your Iceland elopement day. Instead, celebrate in a way that feels authentic to you. If you’d like to do something special to celebrate, go for it!

Iceland elopement at the mossy lava fields of Gönguleið um Eldhraun in South Iceland
A bouquet of flowers displayed on a rock in a field of Lupine flowers during an Iceland wedding elopement

Unique Elopement Ideas For Your Iceland Elopement or Wedding

Iceland has an extensive network of unpaved 4×4 ‘F-Roads which venture off from the more popular areas & really allow you to explore the vast landscape. Moreover, the most beautiful elopement locations in Iceland will be found via an F-Road! Just be sure to have a 4×4 lined up to separate from crowds, & overall has just some stunning views. Just note – a private, local, guide will give you the best experience!

Hence the name of the country, there are plenty of glaciers & ice caves to explore! These excursions will give you a unique perspective of the landscapes. Most importantly, they’re perfect for taking beautiful & casual photos during your elopement and absolutely beautiful!

Taking Soak At The Blue Lagoon Or A Natural Hot Spring

Taking a soak at the Blue Lagoon or a secret hot spring is a must-do in Iceland. With plenty of geothermal activity around the entire Island, there’s no shortage of hot springs to experience. Lastly, it’s the perfect way to relax a bit after your vows or a great day of adventuring around Iceland.

See The Northern Lights In The Winter

You won’t even need a guide or tour! Oftentimes, the northern lights make frequent appearances in Iceland during the winter. If you book your lodging in the right spots, you’ll be able to watch them from the comfort of your home base, giving you more flexibly for viewing.

Capture The Big Three Of The Iceland Landscape

I’ve completely made this up, but it’s a great way to get see some incredible scenery, however, here’s the trifecta: Mountains, Beaches & Waterfalls. Not to mention, you can also swap any of the above for a glacier, iceberg lagoon or volcano! Oftentimes, you’ll find all three within a mile or two of each other!

Experience The Local Culture & Foods

Each region of Iceland is uniquely different & provides a rich culture. Experiencing the local food & culture is one of my personal favorites. From some of the freshest seafoods you’ll ever eat to experiencing the beautiful Icelandic lifestyle, there’s so much to offer.

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