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Here's how to find the perfect wedding & elopement videographer. We won't be talking about searching on Google or Instagram, rather taking the approach of finding a videographer you connect with. In addition, this will also include finding a wedding videographer that you also enjoy creatively & feel that you trust their vision. Let's dig a bit deeper.

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Don't book your elopement videographer out of convenience or price. Choose their work because you love it & can picture yourself in it. If you book right with someone you love, your mind won't need to wander. Trusting their creative abilities and insight is key here. However, be sure to voice

It's true. Your comfort will be a huge key to creating a great elopement film. Finding a videographer you connect with as a person is the first step to make this happen. By taking the time to find someone who you feel understands you, and cares more about you & your story, the better & more detailed your film will be.

In the end, finding an elopement videographer you connect with is also important due to the fact you'll be with them for a considerable amount of time. Oftentimes, on your wedding day, you'll likely be with them longer than your future spouse. This is where being comfortable with them is key, as you'll find that something as little as a few connections will make the experience of your day so much more.

You should enter your elopement or wedding day with full-confidence that even if you had no idea what was going to happen, you're confident they would deliver. You can determine this by how their other films make you feel, the consistency between each of them, and by how they listen to your needs rather than demand wants. In the end, don't settle if you don't love their work, the results are worth it.

What If We Don't Know What We Want Our Elopement Film To Look Like?

In the event that you don't know what you want your film to look like, I would recommend just trying to find someone you connect with on a personal level. Perhaps someone who you feel has the same personality, etc. as you. This way, there will likely be at least a couple of ways each of you think alike, and your videographer can help guide you from there.

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