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How To Elope In Colorado

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Are you thinking about eloping in Colorado but don't know where to start? Wherever you are in this process, the Colorado elopement guides below will help you get started planning your elopement or adventure wedding. However, if you need more help or want to talk specifics about eloping in Colorado, click the button below, fill out a form (it will take 1-2 minutes) & I'll be in touch soon!


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How To Elope In Colorado

Colorado Elopement Day Timeline Examples

The Colorado Elopement Guide

Let's talk about how you can spend your time on your elopement day. These Colorado elopement day timelines will give you a better idea of your time, events, & flow.

From traveling to Colorado, to getting around, or finding the perfect location, & legalities, we'll cover it all. This Colorado elopement guide will help you get started.



Colorado Elopements

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Colorado Elopements

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Colorado Elopements

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Colorado Elopements

Busting The Myths Of Elopement & Wedding Videography

The Wedding Day Shouldn't Be The Main Character

I've never understood why most elopement & films focus so much on the wedding day itself. In the end, your elopement day is a celebration of your love & commitment, but it doesn't define who you are. Your relationship has a much bigger story to tell, & keeping it inside the context of just your wedding day is restricting.

Capturing your elopement day is important, but without a plan, it won't come to form. To guide you through the planning process & help your elopement reach it's full potential, I've developed a planning portal. This includes checklists, resources, location guides & much more. Overall, it's a one stop shop for your elopement.

On the other hand, your elopement film should be a timeless piece of art that you'll pass down for generations to come. It show the deepness of your relationship & love, and document you on the most important day of your lives.

After booking, I'll give you access to a planning portal of your own for your Colorado elopement. However, I'll always be a quick text or phone call away to help or talk through anything you might need! If you're interested in seeing the portal in action, hit the 'contact me' button, fill out a form, & I'll be in touch soon.

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Read More About The Approach To Creating Elopement Films


Colorado Elopement Videographer

Colorado Elopement Photographer

Colorado Elopement Videographer

As Your Colorado Elopement Photographer, my approach is quite different than most. I photograph elopements much like I film them. This entails a slower approach that allows you to live out your wedding day as it naturally happens. Less posing, and more moments that feel like you, which helps your photos also look like you. For 2023 forward, I'll only be shooting elopements on film and also on a limited basis.

As Your Colorado elopement videographer, it's my ultimate goal to tell you story to it's fullest. Combining movement and sound not only adds all the extra feels to your day, it also truly shows who you are. You'll hear your heartfelt words just as they were, in addition to seeing every smile, laugh, and little moment. In the end, having an elopement videographer document your day isn't just for you, it's also shows your legacy.



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Colorado Elopement Videography & Photography Packages

Each Colorado Elopement Package Is Customizable To Your Needs

The Photography & Videography Bundle For Your Colorado Elopement

All Colorado elopement & wedding packages start at 4-hours of coverage and range to full-day coverage if needed. While each copule is unique, the same goes for each elopement day. I'm here to help you find out how much coverage you actually need, instead of just trying to sell you a big package. If you're interested in talking it though, send me a message via the 'Contact Me' page.

Films are the perfect compliment to your elopement photography coverage. They dig deep into each moment of the day, and it gives you the complete picture of your life & love. Together with Lauren & Travis of Love, Lorraine I offer exclusive Iceland photo & film packages. This also includes all our planning services, which only gets better when were working together!

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Here's the details on the Colorado Elopement Packages that I offer. To view my booking details and adventure elopement packages, just follow the link below. While I do offer set packages, I also have fully-customized options where I'll build you a package from the ground up to fit your needs. In addition, I also offer photography and videography packages alongside my great friends Lauren & Travis of Love, Lorraine (elopement photographers).

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- Kayla & Nathan

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Do You Film Weddings Or Just Adventure Elopements?

Can You Photograph & Film Our Elopement For Us?

Frequently Asked Questions

At this time, I only shoot elopements & small weddings that have less than 35 guests present. This is in part to the way I am currently set up to shoot, and this is where I can give you & your wedding day the best results. However, there is no restrictions on where your event can be!

As of 2022 I'm only offering photography & videography together through my collaboration with Lauren & Travis of Love, Lorraine. They're incredibly talented photographers, and together we offer a one-of-a-kind elopement experience. From helping you plan out your day, to capturing it in a personal & artful way, we're all super stoked about the experience we offer together.

Will We Meet You Before Our Wedding Day?

Are You Based In Colorado Full-Time?

Yes! After you reach out, I'll be in touch soon after to set up a time for us to talk. This is a great time to meet each other, & for you to see if I'm a good fit for your day. After booking, we can hop on calls or meet in person from time to time & talk through your day. The best films are oftentimes a result of me knowing your story very well so I can tell it to it's fullest.

Yes! I've lived in Boulder, Colorado full-time since 2018. This is an incredible state to live in & my wife Elsa & I absolutely love it. Rest assured that I'm here, know the area, & will be able to guide you through your elopement or adventure wedding with the knowledge of a local (because I truly am one ;-).

Where Can We Find Your Full Pricing?

What Do Payments Look Like?

After you fill out the form via the 'Contact Page' I'll reach out to schedule a call with you two. Once we hop on a call I'll be able to share my full pricing & give you an exact quote. However, just know that videography collections start at $4000 and photography coverage (through me) starts at $6000.

To start, a retainer of 30% of your total package cost (up to $2000) is required to lock in your date. After that, the remaining balance is due 30 days out from your wedding day. Payments can also be broken up into varying payment plans if needed as well.

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