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Eloping in Alaska during breakup season can be a pleasant surprise. This time marks when the snowpack finally begins to melt. Springtime will slowly start to set in & but you'll still have the majority of the snow capped scenery. While travel via more remote roads will still be in question, there are still an abundance of incredible locations to elope. Tourism is also at a lower & allows you to visit some locations that would be fairly crowded in the summer months. While still cold, avid snow lovers will find that this is the perfect season for them.

Finding The Perfect Date To

Need help finding your Alaska Elopement Location? I'm here to help! I assist the majority of my couples who elope in finding the perfect location. We'll start by learning your preferences & then narrow it down from there!Don't have any idea what you want and would like all the options? That's perfectly normal and I'm more than happy to help, regardless of where you are in the process!

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Experience The Alaskan Landscape

Creating A Unique Experience When

Booking Travel & Accommodations

Getting To Alaska

Submit Your Application & Pick Up Your License

The Documents You'll Need To Get An Alaska Marriage License


flowers, make up, hair, etc.

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Estimated costs are based off of a hypothetical 5-day trip, and do not include videography.


$14,000 – $18,000

High End Cost


Estimated costs are based off of a hypothetical 5-day trip, and do not include videography.


$10,500 – $12,500

Median Cost


Estimated costs are based off of a hypothetical 5-day trip, and do not include videography.


$8,850 – $9,850



misc. details

The prices shown are not intended to give you an exact quote for your trip to Alaska. Instead, it's to give you a better idea of how much you might spend on your Alaska Elopement.


5850 – 9850

(full to multi-day coverage)


5850 – 9850

(full to multi-day coverage)

$300 – $800

$125 – $350

rated for travel both ways for one person


$100 – $250

per day / Not Including gas


The Cost Of An Alaska Elopement

$400 – $750

misc. expenses

food, gas, etc. (per day, both people)

The requirements & documents needed to get an Alaska marriage license depend on the location. Generally, the items you'll need are: A government issued ID (drivers license, passport, military ID, or state issued ID) & a birth certificate for each person. If either party has previously been married, there may be additional documents needed. It's very important to double check the requirements of each specific location to make sure an important document isn't left behind!

Getting Your Alaska Marriage License

Alaska marriage License

To start the process of getting your marriage license in Alaska, you'll need to submit your application to the Bureau of Vital Statistics. If in a smaller town, we'll need to locate the nearest local county court. After submitting, you'll show up & pick up your license (after showing the documents listed above, and paying the standard $60 fee). Upon pickup, you'll have 60 days to complete your license, and upon return, it will take up to three business days to process.

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Need help finding the right flights & best times to travel to Alaska? That's right, I can help! While I can't book your flights for you, I'm always more than happy to give you some insight & direction. Wether it's flights or a place to stay near your location, I'm here to help!

Transportation While In Alaska

Due to a lack of public transportation, your best option for transit in Alaska is to rent a vehicle. I'd also highly suggest renting a 4WD or AWD vehicle. While not always necessary if you're traveling in the summer months, it's always a great safety feature to have at your disposal. Regardless, I'll walk you all through the details and make sure you're prepared, informed & confident when booking your transportation! I'm also more than happy to chauffeur you to our locations the day of your elopement, but cannot provide that service outside of your date.

Lodging & Accommodations

Alaska offers a wide range of lodging options. Ranging from apartments in anchorage, lodges, chalets, huts, & basecamps, you'll have a chance to experience it all. Like most lodging options, it's always best to book as far in advance as possible for optimal options & availability. Wether you want a just place to stay at night or an incredible view to celebrate your commitment at, we'll find the perfect place for you.

Private tours& exploration

Alaska is truly a land of adventure. Wether you're landing on top of a glacier in a helicopter or backpacking the in the wilderness, the options are endless. The local guides are also in abundance and can often take you to the less trafficked or accessible areas. Regardless of your outdoor skill level or knowledge, there's unique exploration for everyone. Let's find the perfect one just for you!

Backpacking & Camping

The wilderness of Alaska is definitely in no shortage which makes it perfect for a night (or two or three) of camping. Some of the most beautiful scenery Alaska has to offer isn't accessible by vehicle, but is often a moderate trek away. It's an incredible way to experience your location at the optimal time for lighting. While this isn't for everyone, I'm always up for a good hike & night out if you are.

Experience the Local Culture

From the fresh seafood to slightly exotic local foods, Alaska has a lot to offer. With the population being under 800k across the entire state, most of Alaskan businesses, restaurants & experiences are locally owned. With an abundant local culture & culinary scene, regardless of your preferences, there's something to offer for everyone. Need help finding a starting point? Look no further!

Getting Married In Alaska

Alaska destination wedding

to consider When planning your

Alaska Elopement Location

Here are some notable land features


Finding The Perfect



Alaska has an abundance of glaciers, many of which are very accessible. Want them as your backdrop or be on top of them? There are plenty of options to achieve both! Eloping on Alaskan glaciers is much more common that you think. There are an abundance of bush & helicopter pilots that can easily take you to a more remote location.


Alaska boasts eight peaks that stand at over 15,000 feet tall. It also features Denali. Sitting at over 20,000 feet, it's one of the most iconic (and tallest) peak in North America. The beauty of the Alaskan mountains are truly of no shortage. Even if you're not looking to hike to the top of one, there are still countless options to have them included.


Water is one of the most prevalent & beautiful features in Alaska. With many towns only accessible by plane or boat, the infrastructure & accessibility is in abundance. These towns & passages are often tucked away in coves. They usually feature small islands & intimate waterfront views. It's truly one of the most peaceful ways to elope.

Aoraki / Mount Cook New Zealand
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For additional information (and more official) i highly suggest checking out this link: National wEATHER sERVICE: alASKA

Summer | Mid May – August

May marks the start of tourism in Alaska, with most operators starting their season in the middle of the month. Temperatures are more manageable and sunlight is in more of an abundance. At peak season, you'll get the famous 24-hour sunlight, as well as some temperatures averaging in the low 80's. Locals will tell you to be aware of August, as it's considered the wettest month of the year. While Alaska is fully open in the summer, it's also extremely busy and you can expect to pay more for lodging, flights & transportation.

Fall | September – October

Mid-September marks the end of the tourist season, but is probably the best time to elope in Alaska. The crowds are gone, the weather is moderate (in September) and it's just a beautiful time of year. The vibrant greens begin to change into fall colors, and the landscape is incredibly diverse. Most roads at lower elevations are still open & it's the best time of year to explore Alaska. Just beware past mid-October as conditions can change fast and snowfall can be in occasionally come in abundance.

Winter | November – March

I'm not trying to be pessimistic, but it's very cold & dark. In the peak winter months high temperatures average at 25(F) degrees, and locals average about five hours of sunlight per day. It's definitely not the best time of year to elope in Alaska. Travel can become quite difficult (or impossible) due to snow & ice, and there's just not as much to offer. While there are lots of concerns for winter elopement in Alaska. Though, if you're a seasoned winter pro, it very well could provide the winter backdrop you've always wanted.

Elope In Alaska






I've included some quick links below to some of the topics I'll cover in this post. Already have your Alaska Elopement planned & ready? That's perfect! Just reach out to me via my contact page – HERE – and I'll be in touch within a few hours.


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until long after you elope in alaska

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the topics


The Alaskan tundra is also a very abundant feature. While very delicate, there are plenty of locations where you can have this feature as your backdrop without harming the fragile ecosystem. Most tundras also offer an incredible array of wildflowers in the Summer months. If you're feeling extremely adventurous, check out the Arctic Tundra.

Alaska elopements and weddings are known for their incredibly beautiful and outer-worldly landscapes. With so much of the Alaskan landscape being easily accessible in the summer months, it's the perfect place to get some incredible views – while also not having to hike. In addition, Alaska features a great network of bush pilots & helicopter companies that are able to get you to more remote locations just as easily.



per night

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