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Here’s the first step you should take when planning your Iceland destination wedding or elopement. I’m often asked this question and the answer is quite simple – start with who’s going to make this process smooth and easy – your photographer! Let’s dive into this topic a bit more.

Getting Married InIceland

Are you thinking about Eloping in Iceland but don’t know where to start? To help you get started – this is the #1 tip I give all couples about planning and elopement in Iceland & beyond. This video will cover what is said in the blog post below – so feel free to watch or read!

Getting Married In Iceland: Planning An Iceland Wedding or Elopement

Time Needed : 2 minutes

  1. Identify Your Needs and Wants For Your Iceland Wedding

    Elopements can bring on an entirely different list of needs from weddings. However, you also have the freedom to keep with tradition, pave your own path, keep things simple or a bit more luxury. To start – make a list of your needs and wants. Consider what you want to experience with your wedding day. Do you want to experience the highlands? Keep things cozy in the city? Do you want to have guests or elope just the two of you? These questions will help you better identify your vision and the feel you want for your Iceland Wedding.

  2. Determine The Date/Season For Your Iceland Wedding

    Determining the date of your elopement is key and an experienced Iceland Wedding and Elopement photographer can guide you through this process. This is an important step as it will greatly determine your experience and what you can see while in Iceland. Will your location be accessible on your date? Will it be crowded with tourists or off the beaten path? All of these questions are very valid. This is why our next point is my number one tip for planning an Iceland Destination Wedding.

  3. Connect With An Iceland Wedding Photographer That Understands Your Vision & Adds To Your Experience

    Now that you have a vision in mind, the next step is to find the vendors that connect with you and your vision. While some needs you can take care of yourselves, others will require you to hire vendors (photographer, videographer, planner, florist, etc.) Your connection matters because clarity is key. They need to be able to communicate and plan effectively so that everything you want comes to life in a way that’s real & true to you. Also consider this: do they align with your vision and also add to it in a way that fits?

Iceland Luxury Wedding

Iceland Wedding Guides & REsources

These in-depth Iceland wedding guides and resources are a great place to start your research. Whether you’re having an Iceland luxury wedding, elopement, or destination wedding, there’s something here for you. Let’s dive a bit deeper into how to start planning a wedding in Iceland.

New Orleans Destination Weddings

Getting Married In Iceland

Iceland Wedding

Let’s talk a bit more about getting married in Iceland. Regardless of where you are in this process, this guide will help you think through setting a date, location and booking your travel to Iceland. In addition, it has timelines & location overviews.

Iceland Wedding Venues

Where To Get Married In iceland

While not all of these are actual ‘venues’ these are some of the most popular & lesser known locations to get married in Iceland. Together, we’ll walk through the various land features to get married at & learn about each region of Iceland.

Iceland Elopement at the Arctic Henge in North Iceland near Raufarhöfn

Iceland Elopement Guide

Iceland Destination Elopement

Whether you’re having a Iceland wedding or Iceland elopement, this guide will cover everything you need to know to successfully plan. From getting legally married, to locations, seasonal weather, pricing breakdowns, this guide has it all.

A bride and groom hike to Háifoss waterfall during their Iceland Elopement

Iceland Wedding Photos

Iceland wedding Photographer

As an Iceland wedding photographer, these are a few of my favorite Iceland wedding photos. From black sand beach elopements, to intimate weddings in the mountains, you really can’t go wrong. Use this page to get some inspiration and start to dream of what your own Iceland wedding or elopement could look like.

Iceland Black Sand Beach Wedding on the Snæfellsnes Peninsula at Djúpalónssandur beach

Iceland Wedding Videos

Iceland Wedding Videographer

These Iceland wedding videos are the cumulation of couples that value the experience they have together. Whether that be with friends and family or just themselves, their beautiful days are a testament to their relationships. As an Iceland wedding videographer, it’s not just about being flashy in a beautiful location. Rather, it’s about the people and the journey.

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