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Here's the first step you should take when planning your Iceland destination wedding or elopement. I'm often asked this question and the answer is quite simple - start with who's going to make this process smooth and easy - your photographer! Let's dive into this topic a bit more.

Eloping In Iceland

Let's Talk About

Eloping In Iceland

Are you thinking about Eloping in Iceland but don't know where to start? To help you get started - this is the #1 tip I give all copules about planning and elopement in Iceland & beyond.

This video will cover what is said in the blog post below - so feel free to watch or read!

Let's Get Started

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Identify Your Needs

Elopements bring on an entirely different list of needs from weddings. However, you also have the freedom to keep with tradition or pave your own path! To start - make a list of your needs. Whether it's finding a location or making a list of the vendors you might need to make your day exactly how you want


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Connection With Your Vendors Matters, Here's Why

While some needs you can take care of yourselves, others will require you to hire vendors (photographer, videographer, planner, florist, etc.) Your connection matters because clarity is key. They need to be able to communicate and plan effectively so that everything you want comes to life in a way that's real & true to you.


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In Short..

You don't have to be best friends with them - but you want someone you can trust. Someone who not only supports you vision - but adds to it a way that you couldn't by yourselves. In the end - someone who is dedicated to your personal experience, and isn't in it for themselves.


Let's Cut To The Chase

Here it is: Hire your elopement photographer / videographer first

It's really that simple! Let's dive in below to why that should be your first step to start planning your elopement:

Here's The First Step You Should Take:

Most photographers and videographers who specialize in Iceland elopements will also help you plan out your day! From helping you find the perfect location, to creating a timeline that's logistically sound - all these things go into giving you a smooth experience. In addition - they'll be able to guide you through all the small details such as: Local weather & backup plans, getting legally married in Iceland, and all the local secrets!

Reason #1 - They'll Help You Plan Out Your Entire Day

Most of us are more than happy to help too! More experience photographers and videographers will have systems set in place that gives you all the information you could possibly need to make your day a success. In the end, this saves you countless hours of time and stress points when trying to plan your day.

Spare yourself the trouble - let us give you a helping hand.

Reason #2 - Spare Yourself The Time & Stress Points

Reason #3 - Personalize Your Day To Exactly What You Want

When in the planning process - finding someone who can come alongside your vision to help it come to life is key. However - if you're not 100% sure of your vision - someone who can help bring it out of you is also key! When planning your Iceland elopement, having someone who can give you the proper guidance to personalize your day to who you truly are is key.

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For All The Details, Check Out The Video At The Top Of The Page

In the video, I'll go into more detail about all the things you'll need to consider when planning your Iceland Destination Wedding or Elopement. Be sure to check out the description of the video for a timestamp of all the topic's we'll cover - and so you can hop to what's relevant for your specific scenario!

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The process


To start - fill out the form via the 'contact' page and I'll be in touch within 24-hours to introduce myself & set up a time for us to hop on a laid-back call where we can get to know one another.

Connect + Introductions


I want to understand what it is your looking for, what you want your wedding day to be like, hear & understand your journey. After, I'll create a customized package for you that reflects just that.

Personalized Proposal


Once you feel confident that I'm your person, to lock in your date, I ask for a signed contract agreement in addition to a 30% retainer to lock in your date. After that, it's all official!

Your Date & Retainer


After securing your date, we can dive deeper into planning every aspect of your day. This is super easy & laid back, starting with a questionnaire to find what your non-negotiables & must haves are.

Planning Your Experience


On your wedding day, you'll be able to fully live in the moment and I'll be there to capture it all. After, I'll take the time to edit your film & photos into a piece of art that's all about you.

Wedding Day + Editing

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