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Here's a Few Topics To Consider When Eloping In Iceland

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Iceland Spring Elopements: Elope In Early April - May

Eloping In Iceland


Eloping in Iceland during the Spring features a beautiful mixture of snowfall, snowmelt & greenery. April still features winter conditions, but the perfect time to have a winter elopement without the extreme winter temperatures. Just be aware that not all areas of the Island are accessible in this season due to winter conditions. It's often suggested that if eloping in Iceland during this season to stay closer to Reykjavik. The latitude is better for the season, and can provide warmer temperatures (15-20F) compared to the northern areas.

Summer Elopements In Iceland: Elope In June - August


The wildflowers are in full bloom, the Island is fully accessible, and the midnight sun provides a seemingly never-ending golden hour. It's without a doubt the most beautiful time to elope in Iceland. Though beautiful, it also attracts the highest amount of visitors. Most easily accessible locations will be crowded, and privacy could be limited. What's the best way to elope in Iceland during the summer? Consider eloping at midnight or later. You'll likely have the best colors in your photos & incredible locations all to yourself.

Fall Elopements In Iceland: Elope In August - Late October


Like most places around the world, Autumn provides an incredible array of colors. In Iceland, this season brings cooler temps, fewer tourists and lower accommodation costs. It's also known to be the Islands windier season as temps begin to drop and the days become shorter. Regardless of the conditions, it's an absolutely beautiful (and affordable) time to elope in Iceland. As you near the Winter months, you'll also improve your chances of seeing the Northern Lights, as well as higher chances of snowfall.

Winter Elopements In Iceland: Elope In November - April


While the days become very short during Icelandic Winters (4-5 hours at the shortest) there is still a great upside to this season. The glaciers are at their largest, vibrant ice caves begin to form. You'll be able to see some of the more famous landscapes in a more rare form, which would leave you with an incredible photo collection. Overall, it's cold. The average high temps for the southern part of the Island is around 32F, while lows can drop into the negatives. If you're an avid winter dweller, this might just be the time for you.

For additional information (and more official) I highly suggest checking out this link: Iceland's climate & weather

Iceland Elopement Locations

Need help finding a perfect location? No worries! I help the majority of my eloping couples find the location that's perfect for them. We'll start by identifying any land features that you'd like to have as your backdrop, then narrowing it down by location.

Don't have any idea what you want and would like all the options? That's perfectly normal and I'm more than happy to help, regardless of where you are in the process!

Here's A Few Notable Iceland Elopement Locations





black sand beach iceland wedding
Iceland Elopement
Iceland Elopement
adventure elopement iceland
Elope In The Mountains Of Iceland
Elope At An Icelandic Glacier
Black Sand Beach Iceland Wedding
Iceland Waterfall Elopements

Hence the name, 'Iceland,' there is plenty of ice to be found here. Glaciers are a huge part of Icelands visual offerings. Vatnajökull National Park has some of the countries most notable glaciers, most of which are very accessible. Other notable glaciers are located farther to the north in central Iceland. There are also more (but smaller) located in the Northwest Fjords.

These aren't your typical tropical beachfronts. With black sands and large peaks in the near distance, it's quite ethereal. With a high amount of volcanic activity in Iceland, it's a staple on most parts on the Island. These black sand beaches photograph incredibly well (especially light colors) and would be an incredible sight to experience.

The mountains in Iceland are a bit different than the ones in the US. With Iceland largely being treeless, the mountains give you beautiful views of the surrounding landscapes. Some feature grassy tops, while others are more volcanic in nature. Regardless, they're in abundance and absolutely beautiful to have as the backdrop of your elopement.

There are over 10,000 waterfalls in Iceland, each uniquely beautiful in their own way. With some reaching heights of nearly 700ft, others are equally wide. In canyons, on cliffs, wherever you can think, they're there & beautiful. While some are hot tourists locations, there are still plenty of beautiful falls that are little more out of the public eye.

Iceland Elopement

Don't know what to do in Iceland on your elopement day? No worries at all. I've helped my couples for years find unique experiences to celebrate their elopement day. With just a few brief questions we can narrow down your likes, dislikes, & how you enjoy spending time together. Based off those items, we can find you the perfect experience to celebrate the day. Over the years I've done everything from hiking mountains to couples sharing a meal or drink together. We'll tailor it to your exact relationship & it will truly be yours & a day you'll never forget.





Experience The Local Icelandic Culture

Iceland Hiking Elopements

Iceland Elopement Excursions & Guided Tours

Backpacking In Iceland

This is without a doubt one of the most popular things to do in Iceland. With an abundance of beautiful views, it's the perfect place. If you want to hike to say your vows and take some photos, look no further. I help 90% of my couples find locations that are perfect for them & their physical level. Want a 1o mile hike or just a short walk from parking? I have you covered either way!

Want a few pictures in the beautiful scenery but don't want to be there all day? No worries! Iceland has plenty to offer with a lavish local culture. I can't think of a better way to celebrate a new beginning together than a new experience together. From top tier seafood & delicacies, there's a wide range of food for everyone. With many shops being locally owned, it's without a doubt a true experience.

From private helicopter tours that will land on mountains to off-roading on some of the abundant non-paved 4x4 roads, there's so much to see & offer. Other highly touted explorations include snowmobiling on glaciers, as well as private boating tours with incredible views of the coastline. Like most other things in Iceland, the options are endless to experience the vast beauty.

While there are so many beautiful locations accessible by vehicle, there are also some untapped gems only accessible by foot or boat. If you're an avid hiker or camper you know eloping in Iceland in the Summer provides a mecca of everything outdoors. We could hike in, camp, have a relaxed photoshoot that evening, then wake up to a grand sunrise, or just shoot all night. Your choice!

Getting To Iceland For Your Elopement

Iceland Landscape during an elopement

That's right! I can help you find the best rates for travel, or just the ones that work best for your schedule. Travel isn't the easiest in some places and can seem very unfamiliar, so I'm always more than happy to lend a helping hand wherever I can. While I can't always book these items on your behalf, I can point you in the right direction or give you an array of options for you to make a good, informed decision.

Traveling To Iceland For Your Elopement

Booking A Flight To Iceland


First step is getting there! Like the statement above, I'm always more than happy to help my couples find the best rates & schedules to their destination. While I can't book the flights for you, I'll be there for you every step of the way. If you're a seasoned travel pro, no worries! Just do your thing & I'll see you there!

Getting Around Iceland


Since we'll likely be away from forms of public transit, renting a vehicle is your best bet to get around. The vehicle you select to rent during your stay is also key. For instance, if there's a possibility of snow being present, 4WD or AWD is needed. Likewise, if you're on a summer trip and plan on sticking to main roads, it's not always a necessity. Regardless, I'll walk you all through the details and make sure you're prepared, informed & confident when booking your transportation! I'm also more than happy to chauffeur you to our locations the day of your elopement, but cannot provide that service outside of your date.

Accommodations In Iceland


Do you have specific questions or thoughts? Just click the button below, fill out a form (it will take 2-3 minutes) and I'll be in touch soon!

Want to stay in a photogenic location to add some incredible views to your collection? Maybe you're more into camping before your elopement. Either way, I can help direct you to the style of lodging you'd like. Iceland has an incredible mix of vintage farm-homes and modern accommodations that are unmatched. Wether you want a just place to stay at night or an incredible view to celebrate your commitment at, we'll find the perfect place for you.


4850 - 7500 (usd)

(Partial to multi-day coverage)

4850 - 7500 (usd)


(Partial to multi-day coverage)

500 - 1250 (usd)

rated for travel both ways for one person

The prices shown are not intended to give you a quote for your trip. Instead, it's to give you a better idea of how much you might spend on an elopement in Iceland.

75 - 300 (usd)


Are a deal hunter like me? Expect prices on the lower end. Know you want to splurge a little bit on this trip? Keep your prices on the higher end.

per day / Not Including gas


150 - 350 (usd)

per night

400 - 750 (usd)

misc. details


flowers, make up, hair, etc.


misc. expenses

250 - 450 (usd)

food, gas, etc. (per day, both people)

Iceland Destination Wedding




Low End Cost Of An Iceland Elopement

High End Cost Of An Iceland Elopement

The Average Cost Of An Iceland Elopement

Estimated costs are based off of a hypothetical 5-day trip, and includes videography.

Estimated costs are based off of a hypothetical 5-day trip, and includes videography.

Estimated costs are based off of a hypothetical 5-day trip, and does not include videography.




17850 - 23850 (usd)

8500 - 12850 (usd)

24850 - 34850 (usd)




Iceland Coastal Elopement
Iceland Elopement

Iceland Elopement & Wedding


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Iceland Elopement Packages

Iceland Glacier Elopement

Iceland Elopement Videography & Photography Packages

Each Iceland Elopement Package Is Customizable To Your Needs

The Photography & Videography Bundle For Your Iceland Elopement

Let's talk about Iceland Elopement packages! Since Iceland is such an incredibly beautiful place to elope, I've upped each elopement photography and videography package to start at 8-hours. This greatly works to your advantage, as in my local market you'd get half the time for the same price! Why? Iceland just has so much to offer. I want to capture it all, and anything less is too little.

Films are the perfect compliment to your elopement photography coverage. They dig deep into each moment of the day, and it gives you the complete picture of your life & love. Together with Lauren & Travis of Love, Lorraine I offer exclusive Iceland photo & film packages. This also includes all our planning services, which only gets better when were working together!

Iceland Elopement Photographers and Videographers

Eloping In Iceland

Iceland Elopement Photography or Videography Coverage

Elopement Planning Expertise & Resources

Customized Iceland Elopement Planning Portal

Below Are Just A Few Things Included In Your Elopement Planning Portal

» A curated interactive map with recommended locations, lodging, trail information, etc.

» Lodging & vendor recommendations

» Permit & marriage license information

» Adventures & experiences to plan on your elopement day

Unlimited Consultations

Custom Day-Of Elopement Timeline

Your Iceland Elopement Deliverables

See Collections & Pricing Details

See my collections and starting pricing for Iceland elopements and weddings via the link below. For an exact quote, reach out to me via the 'Contact' page.

collections + pricing

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Reynisfjara Beach Elopement In Iceland

Iceland Elopement Packages

Iceland Elopement Packages Include:

Iceland Elopements and Weddings
Elopement Planning Expertise & Resources
Personalized, Online, Galleries
Travel Fees For Franics Sylvest Are Included

See Pricing & Packages Below


Iceland Elopement Video at Reynisfjara Beach

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Two Expert Storytelling Brands

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Iceland adventure elopements & weddings

Snæfellsjökull + Reykjavík

April 2023

South Iceland + Reykjavík

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Westfjords + Reykjavík

October 2023


Cost Of Eloping In Iceland (Travel)

Don't See Your Location Or Date Range?

Surprise, there aren't any travel fees for Iceland elopements & weddings! To make things easier on all of us, all travel costs are included in all packages. This helps us avoid any miscommunications & give you a clear cost for your Iceland elopement up front.

Just let me know what you're thinking & I'll see if I can make it work! I'm always open to adding another trip (or two or three). To inquire about a date of your own or learn more details about the exact dates I'll be in Iceland, click the button below, fill out a form (it will take 2-3 minutes) and I'll be in touch with you soon!

The Best Time Of Year To Elope In Iceland


While Iceland is uniquely beautiful year-round, the most popular months to visit Iceland are June - August. During these months the weather is beautiful & there can be up to 24 hours of light. September-October is my personal favorite, as tourism is starting to wind down.

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