Eloping In Colorado: The Colorado Elopement Guide

Let's talk about eloping in Colorado! In short, Colorado is one of the most popular destination elopement locations. Mostly in part due to being able to easily get married & plenty of incredible mountain scenery. In this Colorado elopement planning guide, we'll cover it all!

Eloping in Colorado at Brainard Lake Recreation Area
Eloping in Colorado at Brainard Lake Recreation Area
Chautauqua Park Elopement in Boulder, Colorado

What Is An Elopement?

There are many definitions as to what an elopement is. Oftentimes, the definition will change from person to person. Here's what I've come to find an elopement is:

An elopement is an intentional 'just us' focus on the couple (or close family) instead of a traditional wedding for show. Most importantly, it allows the couple to celebrate their wedding day in a way that's truly unique & comfortable to them.

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Why Elope In Colorado?

There are many reasons to elope in Colorado! From the beautiful scenery to the ease of getting married, you simply can't go wrong with eloping in Colorado.

The Incredible Mountains Of Colorado

Colorado has no shortage of beautiful mountains. Above all, the mountains make an incredible backdrop to any adventure elopement. Whether you want to hike or 4x4 to your location, there's no shortage of options.

Plenty Of Space With No Crowds

Most of the popular Colorado elopement locations are very crowded. However, eloping on a weekday or in a more remote location will give you the entire area to yourself. Ask your elopement photographer for some of their favorite locations.

Same Day Marriage License

Getting your marriage license in Colorado is very easy. Firstly, you schedule an appointment online. Secondly, arrive at your appointment with the proper paperwork. Lastly, sign your documents & return them within 30 days!

Can You Self Solemnize In Colorado?

Yes! What exactly is self solemnization? It's the act of becoming legally married by agreement between two people, without requiring the signature or oversight of a third party. In addition, in Colorado, your dog can be a legal witness at your elopement!

Specalized Elopement Vendors

With a large number of elopements comes more specialized vendors. As a result, this offers eloping couples a more personalized experience. Pro Tip: Many specialized Colorado elopement photographers & videographers will also help you plan out your entire elopement day!

Eloping in Colorado: Colorado Elopement Planning Guide

Where To Elope In Colorado

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National Park Elopements

The National Parks in Colorado are perfect elopement venues. Rocky Mountain National Park & the Great Sand Dunes National Park are by far the most popular. However, Colorado has four National Parks in total which are all unique.

Chief Mountain Elopement
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Denver Elopements

Denver is a very popular Colorado elopement location. Moreover, having so many elopement vendors in the area makes planning easy. Lastly, easy access to I-70 and the larger mountains makes travel on your elopement day very easy.

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Boulder Elopements

Located just 30 minutes northwest of Denver, Boulder is a beautiful place for a Colorado elopement. It has rolling hills & incredible mountain views & hikes. Overall, the easily accessible area makes it very popular.

Breckenridge Colorado Adventure Elopement Photographer

Breckenridge Elopements

Generally known as a ski town, Breckenridge is also the perfect place for your Colorado elopement. It provides an abundance of backcountry views & 4x4 roads. Lastly, there is also an abundance of easily accessible terrain.

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Vail Colorado Elopement Photographers & Videographers

Vail Elopements

Vail is another highly sought-after Colorado elopement location. Located just two hours from Denver, it features beautiful mountain views & an abundance of Aspen trees. In addition, it's the perfect place to ski during your elopement!

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Crested Butte Elopements

Tucked away in the central part of Colorado, Crested Butte is a hidden gem. That is to say, there is no shortage of mountain views or wildflowers in the summer.

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Aspen Elopements

Aspen takes Colorado elopements to the next level. While known for its high-class atmosphere, it also features incredible elopement locations. It's a beautiful location for fall your adventure elopement or small wedding.

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Telluride & Ouray Elopements

Telluride & Ouray are known for their adventurous elopements. With both towns surrounded by mountains, incredible views are of no shortage. In addition, their large network of 4x4 roads will bring you to the most remote & beautiful locations.

Best Colorado Elopement Locations: How to Elope In Colorado

Best Colorado Elopement Locations

Here are just a few of the best Colorado elopement locations for 2022. Just know that these elopement locations are some of the busiest in the state. However, if you're interested in finding a similar location with less foot traffic, just let me know! Most of the elopement locations that I love the most are off the beaten path. In other words, only the seasoned Colorado elopement photographers will know about them!

Blue Lakes & Quandary (Breckenridge)

These two Colorado elopement locations are right next to each other. However, Quandary requires a hike while Blue Lakes can be accessed via vehicle. While I don't suggest going to the top of Quandary, there's a beautiful ridgeline about 1.5 miles into the hike.

Loveland Pass (Silverthorne)

Loveland Pass is a classic Colorado elopement location. It features incredible 360 views of the mountains, while also being easily accessible. In addition, it sits at just under 12,00 feet and has an extensive trail network to explore.

Flagstaff Mountain (Boulder)

Located just minutes from Boulder, Flagstaff Mountain is a great elopement location. With several overlooks & a beautifully forested area, the options are endless. Above all, there's plenty of space for privacy during your elopement or portraits.

Rocky Mountain National Park (Estes Park)

Featuring both meadows & mountaintop views, Rocky Mountain National Park is incredibly beautiful. It's the best fit for summer elopements along Trail Ridge Road, however, snowy elopements here are one of a kind.

Bridal Veil Falls (Telluride)

Tucked away in the Southwest Corner of the state, Bridal Veil Falls is a very popular Colorado elopement location. It's a perfect location for 4x4 elopements. In addition, there is also an extensive network of trails for adventure elopements.

Million Dollar Highway (Ouray & Silverton)

The Million Dollar Highway stretches from Ouray to Durango & is some of Colorado's most beautiful sights. In addition, you'll find plenty of Aspens along with vibrant alpine lakes. I highly recommend this area in the Summer or Fall!

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The Best Times To Elope In Colorado

You can easily elope in Colorado in any season! However, there are certain aspects to look into for different times of the year. Generally speaking, you're usually going to be looking at a few key elements. Weather, temperatures, and accessiblity. Depending on what kind of location you want to elope at, it might not be open, easy to get to, or safe to access. Regardless, I'm here to help & will show the you best times to elope in Colorado.

What's The Best Season To Elope In Colorado?

Spring Elopements In Colorado (April - May)

Springtime is a beautiful season to elope in Colorado. The greenery begins to show & the mountains are still covered with snow. In addition, the average temperatures begin to rise, and more beautiful locations become accessible. Overall, it's not as crowded of a time and could give you complete solitude in some locations.

Summer Elopements In Colorado (June - August)

Colorado summers are absolutely beautiful. You'll oftentimes find that as the snow melts, wildflowers will start to bloom which makes the mountains very photogenic. In addition, the 4x4 roads and high-elevation views start to become more accessible. Just note, Summers in Colorado can be very crowded in popular locations. Try to stay off the beaten path for the best results!

Fall Elopements In Colorado (September - October)

Colorado Fall elopements are my favorite. With cooler temps & changing colors, it's by far the most beautiful time in the state. As the colors change you can find yourself in the middle of golden aspen groves or with freshly dusted peaks in the distance. It's truly the most diverse time of the year to elope in Colorado, as you never know what you might get!

Winter Elopements In Colorado (November - March)

Though it can be cold, Winter elopements in Colorado are always super fun. From snowshoeing to your ceremony site, to skiing down one of Colorado's great ski resorts, the options are endless. Colorado winters also give you a beautiful perspective of the landscape as the snow takes over.

Weekday vs. Weekend Elopements

Eloping on weekdays in Colorado is the way to go. In part due to the tourism boom in Colorado, weekends have become quite busy & crowded, regardless of the season. Choosing to elope on a weekday will not only give you more privacy, but it will also allow you to have a true "just us" feel. If you must elope on a weekend, do your best to avoid the popular tourist locations. Taking a short or long hike will oftentimes give you the best results!

A Couple Eloping In Colorado
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How Much Does It Cost To Elope In Colorado?

On the low end, on average, it costs $5,000 to $10,000 to elope in Colorado. On the high end, it could cost up to $12,000 to $20,000 depending on your coverage and a few misc. details. Overall, how much it cost to elope in Colorado is much less than the traditional wedding route. Below, I'll break down three different ranges of elopements so you can see for yourself.

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