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Should You Elope or Have A Small Wedding?

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What Does It Mean To Elope?

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What To Consider When Debating An Elopement vs Wedding

Can We Invite Guests To Our Elopement or Intimate Wedding?

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If You're Having An Elopement

If You're Having A Traditional Wedding

Elopements Tend To Allow You To Focus On:

Typically, Weddings Shift The Focus To:

Generally, elopement tend to allow you to focus more time on spending time with your spouse and loved ones. In addition, it takes the focus off of you, since you aren't the ones responsible for entertaining your guests. Rather, it's about slowing down, taking it all in, and getting married in a way that's authentic to you. In the end, you're marrying your best friend. All you really need is each other.

Weddings typically shift the focus of your day to the objects that surround you rather than the people. The wedding industry tells us that we need to have a beautiful venue, all the decorations, and be relevant to what's in style. In addition, a traditional wedding typically swaps intentional time for a checklist of things to do. In other words, less time with more people.

The objects that surround you

Fewer distractions and stress points

The obligation to be the entertainer

More intentional time with your loved one(s)

Celebrating in a way that you feel comfortable

Less time intentional time with more people

Here's A Real Example Of A Wedding vs Elopement

These are two real examples of a wedding vs elopement that I've personally photographed and filmed. This side by side example will show you to real, practical examples of the differences between elopements and traditional weddings. I know some of you might be wondering where the example of a mix of the two would be. For those of you, keep scrolling and you'll find what you're looking for!

Beaumont Hotel Wedding Ouray Colorado
colorado elopement at brainard lake

Ouray Colorado Wedding

Colorado Elopement At Brainard Lake

A Little Insight Into This Colorado Wedding

A Little Insight Into This Colorado Elopement

10:00 - Meet At the Beaumont Hotel for getting ready photos

12:00 - Meet Anh & John at their Airbnb in the Mountains

10:45 - First look & photos with family

12:30 - Eat lunch then casually get dressed & ready

12:45 - Drive to Million Dollar Highway Locations

1:00 - First Look on the deck & exchange gifts

1:45 - Arrive for group photos

1:45 - Arrive Brainard Lake for vows

2:45 - Depart for locations on the way back

2:00 - Vows, explore the area & take some photos

4:00 - Arrive at the hotel, prep for guests

4:00 - Head to Nederland to The Carousel of Happiness

5:00 - Dinner together in town

5:00 - Ceremony begins

6:30 - Exploring & photos at Caribou Mountain

5:45 - Group Photos

7:45 - Hike down

6:45 - Dinner / Reception

8:30 - Close out the day

9:00 - End


Breckenridge Colorado Intimate Micro Wedding

During The Planning Process

Relieving The Stress Of Planning A Big Wedding

Being rushed and on a schedule vs free flowing intentional time together

Being surrounded by objects vs meaningful experiences

Completing a checklist of things to do vs just spending time together

Limited time with many people vs intentional time with a few

On Your Wedding or Elopement Day

Being in the spotlight vs the freedom to truly be yourself

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Denver Colorado Elopement

The Wedding Industry Will Tell You:

Elopements Will Focus More On:

"You have 100% freedom to make your elopement day into anything you'd like."

Mt Bierstadt Colorado Hiking Elopement

Why Does The Guest Count To Your Wedding Matter?

How Many People Can You Have At Your Elopement?

"Eloping Isn't about leaving everything or everyone behind."

How much time do I want to spend with my guests?

Does having lots of guests limit what feels authentic to me?

Brainard Lake Elopement

How much intentional time do I want with my spouse?

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Rocky Mountain National Park Elopement

How You Spend Your Time On Your Wedding Day

How You Spend Your Money On Your Wedding Day

Do You Value The Process?

Ultimately, What Does Your Gut Say?

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Ouray Colorado Elopement

There's Not Just Two Ways To Get Married

Two Day Weddings & Elopements

Bring Your Family Along!

Colorado Winter Elopement
Loveland Pass Elopement

Hold Another Celebration At A Later Date

Hold Another Celebration At A Later Date

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Split The Day & Take It Slow

Have questions, thoughts, or want to talk through what an elopement of your own could look like with no obligation to book? Follow the link below, fill out a form (it will take 2-3 minutes) and I'll be in touch soon to set up a time to talk!





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