As a Colorado elopement videographer & filmmaker I take great pride in going the distance to make sure that your film is uniquely you. Your relationship & love is unlike any other, so why should your film look like everyone else's? No cookie cutter formulas. Instead, we'll seek out the details of what makes your love thrive & build around the foundation that you've come to celebrate.




I get it, you've probably never worked with an adventure elopement videographer or planned an elopement before. I don't expect you to come to me with all the answers or all of your ideas together. Let's take this opportunity to not just plan you day, but dream big! While that looks different for each couple, the ideas you bring to the table aren't just valuable, they're essential. However, if you need a bit of inspiration, I'm here to help!

Don't ever feel like your questions aren't valid or too simple to ask. Everyone else who's chosen to elope has had the same questions you're thinking right now, and I don't want you to hold back. The more confident you feel going into your wedding day, the more effortless and incredible it will be. In this case, knowledge is power, and freely asking all the questions you have to give you clarity will give you that freedom.

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Vik, Iceland Adventure Elopement

- Michelle & Jeff

Ready to learn more about Colorado Elopement Videography Packages? Regardless of where you want to get married, your day should be a reflection of your love, life, and what brought and held you together. It's my biggest passion to tell the story of my couples, and I'd love to tell yours. If you're interested in learning a bit more, check out the link below to check out some of the packages and elopement videography services I currently offer.


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How To Elope In Colorado
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Together, We'll Create Something Incredible



This is all about you, and as your elopement videographer, I'm here to make sure that's exactly what happens. In the sections below, I'll outline the approach I take to keep things intentional, simple, and 100% about you and your story. Together, we'll create your incredible elopement day that's 100% you, no compromise.

Regardless of where you are in this process just know this: I'm here for you. Eloping isn't an everyday occurrence in your life so I don't expect you to know everything. No question is a bad question, and no idea is a bad idea. All those ideas and details you have are significant because they're what make you, you. I'm here for it because it will only make your story better!

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Adventure Is Awesome, But Your Story Is Better

You can visit the most incredible location on the planet, but without the details your story, it's all for not. The films I create are all built on the concept that your wedding day or location aren't the main characters of your film, You are. Whether long or short, it's part or your legacy, and will be passed on for generations to come.

Your wedding day will be an incredible adventure, but it's just a small part in the bigger adventure that's only starting. Let's tell it well, and in it's fullest light.


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Colorado Wedding Videographer

You don't want a Colorado Wedding Videographer just to take a few clips of your day. Rather, to tell the powerful story of you via your wedding day. I also believe that your elopement film should be a timeless piece of art. As a result, it should be just as unique as you are. It should tell your elopement & love story in a way that's authentic to you, without boundaries or limitations. In the end, I want your elopement film it to look like a movie that you'll be able to pass down for generations to come.

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My approach is very hands off. Rather than telling you poses, we'll create a day full of all the things you love and maybe a few things that are completely new that you can live out together. With this approach, I don't have to tell you to do anything. Just enjoy each moment as it unfolds and I'll be there to capture it all.


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Telling your story honestly & extravagantly

I don't want you to be anyone but yourself. Let's not get distracted with outside voices, what we see on social media, or what we're told is the narrative. Rather, let's just be honest. Let's do what you love most with who you love most. Through that honesty, your story will look and feel like so much more, you.



Rather than just telling the story of what happened on your wedding day, we'll focus on the entire picture: You and Your journey. After all, your wedding day is just one day out of thousands of your story together. Let's focus on who you are, who you love, and all the feels that will come on this significant, and celebratory day.


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Just as much as your film should be about your story, I also believe it should be a work of art. One that is not only accurate to who you are, but also makes you feel like you're in a movie. A film that you're not going to only watch once, rather one you just can't stop looking at and sharing for years to come.


creating A vibe & film that's only for you

I'm a firm believer that no two films should look or feel the same. You're unique, and it's one of my core goals to create a film that's not cooke cutter, and truly reflects who you are. So much that your kids & grandkids will be able to watch, and be fully reminded and know who you two were and still are today.

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What Is A Cinematic Approach?


Wedding Cinematography is the art and craft of making a motion picture by capturing a visually compelling story. While I'll be there to capture your entire day, the approach of wedding cinematography takes a more artistic approach. What do this practically look like? In short, it looks more like a movie than a documentary. You honestly don't have to do anything more than just be yourselves, and I'll be there to capture it all.

Stories Of Real Love & Adventure

Uniquely You. No Compromise.

There’s so much more to your story than just what you’ll experience on your wedding day. In other words, I’m willing to dig as deep as you’re willing to let me to tell your elopement story. Together, we’ll ditch the cookie cutter trends of traditional wedding videography and make your elopement film truly a beautiful, one-of-a-kind artifact.

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While we're talking about how to elope in Colorado, let's also talk about eloping with a videographer. How do you find a videographer? Should you even hire an elopement videographer? These are just a few items we'll cover, and will give you a much better idea of what it's like to work with an elopement videographer.

Iceland Elopement Video at Reynisfjara Beach

So you're on the search for your elopement videographer. How exactly do you find someone who's good? Who actually knows what they're doing & can get you the elopement film that tells your story? Let's go into more detail so you're an elopement pro.


Boulder Colorado Elopement Videographers

On the other hand, are elopement films worth the cost? Having an elopement or wedding videographer along to film the day isn't cheap, but it captures a side of your day that you can't get back later. Let's dig a bit deeper & let me show you how elopement films are 100% worth it.


Denver Elopement Videographers

Let's talk about why elopement films are a great addition to your elopement day. Elopement videography is often overlooked, but it adds so much to your day. From hearing each others voices, to being able to re-live each moment, here's why elopement videography matters.


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Coverage: 10-Hours of Coverage Split Across One Day

Coverage: Starting At 12-Hours of Coverage Over Two Days

Who Is This For?: Couples who really want the best lighting and most privacy for their elopement day. This is also a great package to have some solo time if you're going to have family or friends coming along with you for part of the day.

Who Is This For?: Couples who are looking to capture more of their story, or adventure in more locations. This package is also great to have one day surrounded by family, then another all to yourself!

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Coverage: Starting At 8-Hours of Coverage

Coverage: Starting At 6-Hours of Coverage

Who Is This For?: Couples who want to have an incredible elopement experience in one area, but also not rush their day. 6-hours is the minimum amount of time you can book me for elopements, as anything less is a bit too rushed.

Who Is This For?: Couples who want to visit more than one location on their wedding day, or just spread out their day a bit more. Having the assurance that your day isn't rushed is key, and this package is for just that.

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- Kayla & Nathan

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US Elopement Videography Packages

US Elopement Videography Packages Include:

Videography Coverage
Elopement Planning Expertise & Resources
Personalized, Online, Video Gallery
Travel Fees For Franics Sylvest Are Included


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Iceland Elopement Packages

Iceland Elopement Videography Packages Include:

Iceland & Destination Videography Coverage
Elopement Planning Expertise & Resources
Personalized, Online, Video Gallery
Travel Fees For Franics Sylvest Are Included


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Can We Book You For Our Elopement Film & Photos?

Will We Be Able To See The Unedited Clips From Our Elopement?

At this time, I do not offer film & photography services together on my own. Currently, I only offer elopement films & photography services separate from each other. However, I do offer exclusive photo & film collections alongside the incredibly talented elopement photographers Love, Lorraine. I absolutely love working with Lauren & Travis & together we offer a luxury experience.

You can! I currently offer a 'doc edit' option that can be added a-la-carte at any time. This edit is all the clips & audio that I took on your elopement day put into a linear edit. It's not an artistic edit, but is a great opportunity for you to see the 1-2 hours of footage that didn't make it into your elopement film. This footage will include all the intimate, unedited moments of your day.

Do You Also Film Weddings Or Just Two Person Elopements?

Will We Meet You Before Our Elopement Or Wedding?

Yes! Right after you reach out we'll set up an intro call to get to know each other & see if your vision aligns with the services I offer. After booking, we'll meet a few more times (either in person or via zoom) to continue to get to know each other, go over details, timelines, etc. In short, the better I know you, the better I'll be able to tell your story.

Currently, I only shoot elopements & intimate weddings. In short, I consider intimate weddings to be events with 25 guests or less, while elopements are typically just the copule or with immediate family members. In the end, I specialize in more intimate elopements & weddings as they are more personal & I feel that I connect more with the 'keep it small' vibe.

Where Is Your Pricing For Elopement Films & Videos?

How Do You Accept Payments & When Are They Due?

Elopement films start at 3850 & range up depending on the coverage you need. To see full pricing, fill out a from on the 'Contact Me' page, let's set up a call & I can give you a more exact quote that fits your exact needs & wants. Every elopement is different, so I try my best to fit your needs instead of forcing you to pick a set package you don't necessarily need or want.

As a retainer at booking, I require 30% of your total collection cost with a max payment of 2850 while the remaining balance is due 30-days out. Couples are also more than welcome to split up payments monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly leading up to their date. Preferred payment method is Zelle, but I have a couple of options available.

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