Your relationship & love is unlike any other, so why should your film look like everyone else's? I take great pride in going the distance to make sure that your film is uniquely you. No cookie cutter formulas or trendy edits, just you. No compromise. Instead, we'll seek out the details of what makes your love thrive & build around the foundation that you've come to celebrate.


I don't want to just email you before & then show up to shoot a bunch of random clips. I want to truly add to your wedding day. I love to learn my couples stories & day to day of their relationships. This gives me a true understanding of who you are & allows me to customize your film to who you truly are.


I love my job & take great pride in the work I do. Every time I make a film I strive for it to be my best work to date, & your film is no exception. I'll be with you in this entire process - from booking, to planning the film, to shooting, & editing. By the end you'll have a new friend & an incredible film to share.

It's really important that you connect with your wedding photographer & videographer. The truth is that I'll likely be around your spouse more than you will on your wedding day. Having a deep level of comfort, connection, & familiarity with your wedding filmmaker always shows in the end result.


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package 03.

package 02.

Full-Day Coverage of your elopement or wedding day. For single day coverage only.

In the event that your elopement or wedding takes place over multiple days.

For custom elopements & weddings that might have more or less time than the listed options.

PACKAGE details:


+ One day of coverage

+ One Videographer

+ 4 - 6 Minute film

+ Separate ceremony recording w/ audio

+ Delivery via sharable, download link

+ Travel to any location


+ Ceremony Recording

+ Your Elopement Film

+ Elopement or Wedding Coverage

Regardless of your event size, pricing remains the same. With the style of films I make, I've found that smaller events see the most personalized results. Regardless, I'm confident either way!

I'll set up a static camera that will film your entire ceremony with high quality audio. During your film delivery, I'll also include a separate cut of your vows for you to re-live for the rest of your lives.

After shooting, I'll personally edit the clips we shot into a 4-6 minute film. Since each film & wedding day is unique, the final film length will be determined by the happenings of the day, etc.

+ Online Delivery

+ Film Extras

+ One Videographer

From raw clips, to highlight trailers, to day after sessions, I have a wide range of add-on options that can greatly benefit your coverage. To view all the options I offer, check out the section below.

When your film is done, I'll upload your final videos to the shareable, online delivery service (WedFlow). It's super easy to access, share, & download. Not to mention, you'll have full & easy access.

Each base package includes one videographer (me!). I do about 95% of my work solo & am very confident in my workflow to keep up with all the moments & fast paced flow a wedding day can bring.

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Here's why - I only take on a select number of clients each year. This allows me to put my full attention into your day, instead of you & five other couples in the same week. In the end, you'll receive a product that showcases focus & detail. Your story & day deserves my full attention, & I take pride in doing exactly that.

You'll often find that many elopement & wedding filmmakers outsource their editing or certain parts of their workflow. I'll be there for you every step of the way to ensure that your film is the best it can possibly be. Rest assured, if your film takes longer for me to edit, it's because I'm making it the best I possibly can, not because I'm backed up from 6-months prior.


I love that I get to make elopement films for a living full-time. There's honestly never been a job I've had that I love more than this. I've worked extremely hard over the years to continually challenge myself creatively & personally. These goals all add up to help me make your film & photos the best piece of work I’ve done up to that point in time.


Even if you're very early in your search & don't quite know what you'd like yet, I'd love to hear from you! I'm always more than happy to help or provide clarity wherever I can, so please don't hesitate to reach out using my contact form (use the button below) or shoot me a direct email, call, or text.