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Denver Wedding

Francis Sylvest is a Denver Wedding Photographer and Videographer. His work garners a true to life, yet poetic take on the world that surrounds us. Based in Boulder, Colorado his home greatly influences his work, whether atop a mountain, or a in a vast cityscape.

Furthermore, he strives to capture his subjects in a way that best demonstrates his journalistic background and personal love of film photography and indie cinema. Altogether, this laid-back, hands off approach is featured in all of the films you see below.

Laid-Back Photographs and Films From The Heart Of The Rockies. Celebrating The Triumph Of Your Journey, Substantial Moments Overshadowed In The Business Of Life.

Denver Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photos

Here are a few of my favorite wedding photos from weddings in Denver. As a Denver wedding photographer, there’s very few locations across the country that display the beauty that this city does. In addition, it showcases the best of mountain and city weddings.

Wedding At The Ramble Hotel

Denver Wedding Photographers

Jenirose & Cliff’s Denver wedding at the Ramble Hotel was a bit untraditional. Nonetheless, it was a beautiful depiction of what a laid-back micro wedding in Denver can look and feel like.

Denver Mountain Wedding

Wedding Photographers Denver

This beautiful Denver mountain wedding too place in middle of the summer. Any wedding photographer in Denver would tell you this means two things: Beautiful colors and plenty of wildflowers.

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Denver Wedding

Wedding Photography Denver

Ryan & Christina’s tented Denver wedding was full of vibrance. In addition, it had plenty of life from start to finish. Featuring lively, loving, guests and immaculate details, this is one of the reasons wedding photography in Denver is the best.

Denver Wedding Videographer

Wedding Films

These are a few of my favorite weddings films. As your Denver Wedding Videographer, it’s my main goal to capture the the triumph of your journey, substantial moments overshadowed in the business of life. Leaving no stone unturned, I’ll work with you to create a beautiful representation of your wedding day and life together.

Elopement Wedding Videographer

Christina & Ryan

An Elopement Wedding In Breckenridge Colorado

Denver Wedding Video

Cori & Dave

Cori & Dave’s Denver Wedding Video At The Boettcher Mansion.

Super 8 Wedding Videographer

Kristen & Tyler

Kristen & Tyler’s Super 8 Wedding Video In Colorado.

best wedding venues denver

Denver Wedding Venues

Looking for a Denver wedding venue? Here are a few of my favorites, in addition to what I feel are the best wedding venues in Denver. Whether you want mountain views or be in the city, we’ll cover it all. Just note, this is only a few of the best venues in the area.

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