Colorado Elopement at Clinton Gulch Photographed on Kodak Film

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Words and Photographs By: Francis Sylvest

At the end of the great plains, to the west, you will find them. The Colorado Rocky Mountains. Hailed as one of the great beauties of the United States, many travel far and wide to see the immaculate beauty of these ranges.

In the summer, greenery and wildflowers make a stunning appearance, covering the lower elevations, as the peaks remain free of colors. Boldly commanding the height of their peaks, their ruggedness celebrates the journey it takes to reach them. After, we then give way to winter. Here, snowfall transforms their appearance into a mighty giant of the earth, capturing the snowfall that gives way to the water that these lands need to survive.

These peaks give us the backdrops to the most beautiful locations this world has to offer for elopements and weddings. Just know, as your Colorado Film Wedding Photographer and a seasoned local, I’ll be there to capture your beauty in the midst of it all.

Colorado Wedding Photography

A Colorado Wedding in Breckenridge at Sunrise. The bride and groom pop a bottle of Champagne and laugh.
A bride and groom getting married in Colorado in a green forest next to a river.

From The Depths Of Our Inner Beings, We Are Meant To Be Loved, Cherished. We Are Not Meant To Be Alone, But Together.

Colorado Wedding & Elopement Photographs

Colorado wedding & elopement photographs from the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Created with a laid-back approach. It’s a privilege to create images and films that are meant to live far beyond our time. I want you to look back on your images and films and have those moments come rushing back to you.

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I Believe This:

That Your Wedding Day Should Celebrate The Triumph Of Your Journey, Substantial Moments Overshadowed In The Business Of Life.

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