Colorado Mountain Elopement Packages: Your Photographer, Planner, & Guide

Not all elopement planners are adventure elopement photographers, but all adventure elopement photographers are elopement planners & guides.

Makes sense right? It seems like a concept that would go hand-in-hand, but until just a few short years ago it wasn’t, at all. If you’re eloping in Colorado for the sole reason of having a more intimate, mountain, setting, or to avoid a large bill at the end of the day, hiring a full-day planner or backcountry guide alongside a photographer could really stretch any elopement budget.

“I’m eloping in Colorado, but I’m not from the area and have no idea where to elope, how to get to my elopement ceremony site (or even find one), & have no idea when it should be.”

– Most People Who Elope

The statement above sums up the age-old question(s) eloping couples should and do ask on a daily basis and it’s 100% valid. How are we going to make this happen if we don’t hire a wedding/elopement planner? In simple, many elopement photographers are willing & very able to act as your guide & planner for the day, & often have elopement packages that will fit your exact needs. In the process, this saves you a bit of money on the back end, as well as locking in a single person as your three-in-one package of Photographer, Planner, and Guide.

There are many advantages to hiring a three-in-one elopement photographer, planner, & guide. Here are a few advantages to booking an all-inclusive package for your elopement:

1. Having An Experienced Photographer That Knows The Area

A given advantage would be that you’d have an experienced mountain elopement photographer with you during the day. You won’t have to worry about missing the perfect, natural, moments of the day, but instead, receive an amazing collection of photographs that you’ll love & cherish forever.

With the various terrain, locations, & unpredictable weather that Colorado produces on a daily basis, experience is key. As a part of all my Colorado mountain elopement packages, I offer location scouting services. This is a great way for couples to get the photos they want when they don’t exactly know where to look. What locations are best for sunrise vs. sunset? Can we get to a certain location at specific times of the year? How long will it take to get to our photo locations? These are all questions that are consistently asked & I’m always happy to answer!


Location scouting is a service that’s included in all my elopement packages at no additional cost! While I encourage all couples to do a little research on locations themselves, I’m more than happy to give you all a wide array of options for your day! If you’re interested in learning more about the services I offer, continue reading below or send me a message here

2. Having An Outlined Plan

There are a couple of key elements to consider when building an outlined plan for your mountain elopement:

  • Where do you want to elope?
  • How long do you want to set aside for the ceremony & photos?
  • What time of day do you want your ceremony to be?
  • How long will it take to get in/out from your ceremony site?
  • Will we need any permits for our specific location?

When creating an elopement day timeline, it’s important to consider these key aspects. By having a schedule to follow, it will ensure that you’ll have plenty of time to get in/out of your location while having ample time to take the photographs you want in the best lighting and weather conditions (dependent upon your location).

All schedules are made to be flexible, as I always leave plenty of room for spontaneity, which always helps make the most loving and authentic photographs.


Custom elopement day timeline planning is included with all of my elopement packages which can be found here. It’s of utmost importance to me that you all get the photos you want, and I completely understand that a lot of couples don’t know where start when it comes to location, and optimal times to take photographs while having plenty of time to still have a day full of celebration & adventure.

3. Having A Guide With You

While adventure elopements often take you on the road less traveled, they sometimes take you even a few hundred feet from the parking lot (I won’t tell anyone if you won’t). Either way, it’s a pain to think about finding a location, gathering directions, knowing which fork in the train to take. Leave it to your guide to compile and handle this information, aka, me.

Having a guide is also a precautionary measure for numerous circumstances that can show themselves in the Colorado wilderness (wildlife, extreme weather, avalanche safety, first aid, etc.). While it’s fairly rare for couples to run into major issues, having the peace of mind knowing that all precautionary measures have been taken is an added bonus.


Take it easy on your big day! You’ve come so far and worked so hard for the day to be a celebration, and let’s keep it that way. If you’re interested in learning more about these services, please feel free to reach out to me here!