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Colorado Elopement Photographer and Videographer

15+ Years Of Elopement Experience At Your Fingertips

This collaboration was fueled by the desire to provide couples with an unforgettable elopement experience. With over 15 years of combined elopement photography & videography experience, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you craft your unique wedding day while also navigating the planning process with you by your side.

Planning a wedding can be stressful and daunting. We've developed a streamlined process to help make the elopement planning experience something you'll look forward to! No stress necessary, we are your partners in this epic adventure!

Colorado Elopement Photographer

From Start To Finish, We'll Help You Plan Your Colorado Elopement Experience

We've helped over 100 couples plan their adventure weddings & elopements. In that time, we have developed our own individual streamlined processes to help all of our couples experience their epic adventure wedding and elopement. Now that we've teamed up, we are able to combine our strengths to offer our couples that next level of support.

Our customized planning portal will help you with everything, from vendor recommendations to your day of timeline and packing lists. You will also receive our personal favorite off-the-beaten path locations that are tailored to your unique elopement experience.

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Colorado Elopement Videographer

While still two separate businesses, we've come together to act as one entity for your elopement experience. Why? This collaboration was a product of working together and realizing that our business philosophies were aligned. We realized that when we work together, we are capable of offering you an elevated experience on your wedding day.

While we do specialize in photography and videography services, our goal is to tell your story in an authentic light. Storytelling is at the core of everything we do, and it starts with the planning process. You are a part of this collaboration, too! We work with all of our couples very closely to ensure that we are creating the ideal day, allowing us to capture the story with ease.

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Colorado Elopement Videographer
colorado elopement
Colorado Elopement Photographer and Videographer

The Elopement Collaborative

Travis, Lauren, & Austin (Francis)

A Little About This Collaboration

While still two separate businesses, we've come together to act as one entity. Why? We've found that three minds work much better than just one or two. After meeting & finding that our views of elopements & adventure weddings were spot on with each other, it only made sense for us to collaborate and offer couples (you!) an elevated experience on your wedding day.

Our top priority is to serve you well & give you the best wedding or elopement day you could imagine. With over 15 years of combined elopement & wedding experience, we're here to help, and know exactly how. Rest assured that planning your day will be a breeze, and the celebration of your elopement day will only be better.

California Elopement In The Redwoods

Your Story Matters

Each intimate moment will be documented in full & yours forever.

You'll hear the sincerity of the day through each others voices & words.

Here's Why Your Elopement Film Really Matters

It will be a living, moving, manifestation of your love & life.

Your film will help be the start of your visual legacy together.

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It will be your very own piece of art that you helped create.

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Elope Meaning

How To Elope In Colorado

Colorado Elopement Resources & Guides

Elopement Definition:

What Is An Elopement?

Let's talk about how to elope in Colorado in more detail. These Colorado elopement resources & guides will give you a great start & make you an elopement pro.

Let's talk about it: what is an elopement? What can it be? Here's our elopement definition along with a few viewpoints to help fuel your elopement day planning.



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Vik, Iceland Adventure Wedding Film

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Crested Butte Colorado Elopement Video

Colorado elopement

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Partial-Day Colorado Elopements

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Full-Day Colorado Elopements

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Francis Sylvest Adventure Elopement Films & Love, Lorraine Adventure Elopement Photography

Our Colorado Elopement Planning Expertise & Resources

Customized Colorado Elopement Planning Portal

Below Are Just A Few Things Included In Your Colorado Elopement Planning Portal

  • A “Crafting Your Unique Wedding Experience” Questionnaire
  • A curated location list with recommended locations and trail information
  • Lodging & vendor recommendations
  • Permit & marriage license information
  • Adventures & experiences to plan on your elopement day
  • A 50+ Page “How To Elope” guide

Unlimited Consultations

Custom Day-Of Elopement Timeline

Your Elopement Film Deliverables

Your Elopement Photography Deliverables

Colorado Elopement Photography & Videography Packages

Colorado Elopement Photography & Videography Packages Include:

Elopement Photography & Videography Coverage
Our Colorado Elopement Planning Expertise & Resources
Personalized Photo & Video Galleries
Travel Fees For Both Love, Lorraine & Franics Sylvest Are Included


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Colorado Elopements


We LOVE Colorado elopements. So much, I (Austin) and my wife Elsa call Boulder home. While Lauren & Travis live on the road, they're often in the state, as we love to work alongside one another. Colorado is honestly one of the most stunning locations you could choose for your elopement, and we're here for it.

Elopements Anywhere In The US


This is where Lauren & Travis' expertise come into play. They've extensively explored the west coast from Washington to California, even Montana and Wyoming. We are always down to travel, and have plenty of secret spots that would be the perfect backdrop to your day.

International Elopements


Travel is really at the heart of each of our business. It's where we can broaden our horizons, and really be inspired by new people, places, and experiences. While we'll go just about anywhere with you, we do specialize in New Zealand and Iceland elopements!


colorado elopement photographer

- Anh & John

Colorado Elopement Packages


St. Marys Glacier Elopement

Do You All Have A Travel Schedule?

Do You All Have Travel Fees In Addition To Your Packages?

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't see the location you're interested in, shoot us a message & we'll see if we can accommodate you for your dates! Travel is not limited to the United States only, so if you are planning to elope internationally, count us in!

Love, Lorraine's Travel Schedule

Francis Sylvest's Travel Schedule

To make things easier for all of us, we've built-in travel costs into all elopement packages, regardless of the location. In the end, this will give you a better idea from the start and rest assured, the prices we give you will actually be the prices you pay unless a-la-carte items or coverage are selected. Packages are split by location ie. Colorado/Anywhere in the US/International Packages.

Where Are Each Of You Based?

What's Different About Your Services Compared To Others?

Lauren, Travis, & Denali live on the road full-time, but are in Colorado for the majority of the year. On the other hand I (Austin/Francis) live in Boulder, Colorado with my wife Elsa & have called it home since 2018. All of us love to travel (including Denali) so if you're looking for a photographer + videographer outside of Colorado, we're down to go there with you!

It all comes down to the experience we offer. This collaboration was brought together by the idea that joining our collective knowledge would only make our couples experiences better. While we love creating incredible pieces of art, that art could never be created without you living out a day that's truly you, stress free. Our ability to help you creating that experience is simply unmatched.

Can You Book Our Remaining Vendors For Us?

How Do You All Handle Payments? Do We Pay Both Of You?

You will still be responsible to book any vendors outside of our photography, videography, & planning services. However, we have a list of trusted vendors that we'd love to share and will personally help you locate any others you might need, but you will be responsible for booking their services.

We will invoice you individually for the services you provide. The price that you pay doesn’t change for this to happen. This is simply so that we can file our taxes without any conflicts in our businesses! Also, you will need to sign a contract for Love, Lorraine and for Francis Sylvest in order to work with us :-) We appreciate your understanding!

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