Hello there, I’m Francis. A Colorado-based adventure elopement photographer & videographer who loves creating elopement experiences & expeditions tailored to each couple. Above all, I’m dedicated to helping your Colorado elopement day dreams come to life. Regardless of where you are in this process, I’m here to help & act as your Colorado elopement resource & consultant, from start to finish.

Colorado Adventure Elopement At Great Sand Dunes National Park

Colorado Adventure Elopement Photographer

Welcome to all, I'm Francis. A Boulder, Colorado-based adventure elopement photographer who specializes in helping couples create & document an elopement day that's 100% tailored to them. In addition, I'm here to act as your personal elopement guide & consultant.

If you're reading this & considering skipping a traditional wedding, I highly encourage you to take the leap! Time & time again, I see my eloping (and small wedding) couples stoked about the results of their day. However, this is most due in part that they celebrated in a way that was most true to them! In other words, they dropped the traditional wedding expectations and just had fun together. There's no better way to celebrate love & new beginnings than with the one you love, doing the things you love most.

Colorado hiking adventure elopement photographers
Colorado adventure elopement at Blue Lakes
Dreamy Colorado Adventure Elopements

How To Elope In Colorado:

As a Colorado adventure elopement photographer, planning services are also included with every elopement package. From helping you find the perfect location, to mapping out the details of the day & finding like minded vendors, I'm here to help. As a result, I'll be your one stop shop for all your elopement needs. Above all, we'll keep your vision at the center of everything we do, creating an incredible celebration of your relationship.

Winter Elopement in Boulder Colorado

Pro Tip: Do your best to find an adventure elopement photographer that you connect with on a personal & creative level. It's important that you get along with the person you're working with, & can also see yourself in their work! Above all, you want to feel comfortable & confident going into your day & this will help.

how to plan your elopement

Colorado Adventure Elopement Locations Lake Isabelle

Where To Elope In Colorado:

Colorado is the perfect place to elope. From mountains to desert lands, you'll find it all. In addition, you'll find some of the most beautiful colors as the seasons change. Let's dive a bit deeper into where to elope in Colorado with some of my favorite locations & features.

The Mountains

Whether you want to hike or drive to the top of a mountain, Colorado has no shortage of views. Mountains in Colorado are highly accessible & oftentimes offer the best views. For example, check out the views of Trail Ridge Road.

Colorado Adventure Elopement In An Aspen Grove

Alpine Lakes

In Colorado there is an abundance of alpine lakes. However, a large number of them will require you to hike to get to them. Oftentimes, you can expect a hike of at least one mile, sometime more. Check out Ice Lakes for example.


While not as plentiful as other land features, the waterfalls in Colorado are still incredibly beautiful. Oftentimes, you wont find very large ones, but in some cases you'll run across these giants. However, there are many across the state!

Aspen Groves

The golden Aspen trees in the fall are a Colorado staple. They form a surreal golden canopy are are perfect elopement backdrops. Oftentimes you'll find large patches of them further west, such as this spot near Crested Butte.

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Colorado Hiking Adventure Elopement

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Colorado Adventure Elopement In The Winter

Colorado Elopement Packages

Colorado Adventure Elopement Photography Packages

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