Kaylin & mICAH


What started as a rainy Sunday elopement, ended as a beautiful, foggy & snowy June morning. That's right, June. Blue Lakes sits at nearly 12,000 feet right outside of Breckenridge, Colorado. While Quandary peak towers in the near distance, on this day there was no sight of the 14er. As we arrived we were met with a thick fog & calm rain showers. In a matter of just 15 minutes the weather cleared and left us with a beautiful foggy landscape.

Kaylin & Micah then exchanged their heartfelt vows as different patches of fog quickly rolled into the background. As time went on the sun made a brief appearance and quickly made our scene a golden haven. We then made our way to the upper lakes where we were met with a light dusting of snow before closing out our time together. Blue Lakes is an incredible place to elope and this morning was only a small sample of what it can offer.

Colorado Wedding Elopement Photographer Breckenridge


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