Hello there, I’m Francis. A Boulder, Colorado-based adventure elopement photographer & videographer specializing in adventurous elopements & weddings. In addition, I love coming alongside to help my copules make their dream wedding day a reality. Regardless of where you are in this process, I’d love to lend a helping hand. Let’s get you eloped!

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Boulder, Colorado Elopement Photographer

Welcome to all, I'm Francis. A Boulder, Colorado-based adventure elopement photographer who specializes in helping couples create & document an elopement day that's 100% tailored to them. In addition, I'm here to act as your personal elopement guide & consultant. I'll be there to guide you through the elopement process, in addition to capturing it all on your wedding day.

Considering skipping a traditional wedding? I highly encourage you to take the leap! Celebrating your wedding day in a way that's most true to you is the route to go. Whether you want to celebrate on a mountaintop or in the city, I'm here to help. Above all, I'm here to help make your dream elopement a reality, in addition to telling your story in its truest form. In the end, it will be a day tailored to who you are, instead of what you're expected to do.

Boulder Colorado Adventure Elopement At Brainard Lake

Here's The Approach I Take To Photograph & Film Elopements


Boulder Colorado Elopement Videographers & Photographers
Boulder Colorado Adventure Elopement Videographers

Eloping In Boulder, Colorado

Are you ready to elope in Colorado but need some direction to get started? As a seasoned Colorado elopement photographer, I'm here to lend a helping hand. In addition to documenting your day, I also love getting to help couples plan their dream elopement. Whether you need help finding a location or mapping out the day, I'm here to help. However, if you have it all down or are working with a planner those services might not be necessary!

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Pro Tip: Find a Colorado elopement photographer that you really connect with. In addition to loving their work, finding someone you also like on a personal level is a big step. In addition to loving their work, being able to trust them to capture you in a way that will live on forever.

how to plan your elopement

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Boulder, Colorado Elopement Locations

Colorado is the perfect place to elope. From mountains to desert lands, you'll find it all. In addition, you'll find some of the most beautiful colors as the seasons change. Let's dive a bit deeper into where to elope in Colorado with some of my favorite locations & features.

Alpine Lakes

With just a 45 minute drive from Boulder, you'll find yourself with incredible big mountain views. In addition, with just a short hike you can be met with even better views & privacy, Check out the incredible Lake Isabelle for example.

Boulder Colorado Elopement Photographers

The Mountains

Whether you want a view of the mountains, or to be in the middle of them, Boulder has you covered. From the Boulder Flatirons to Brainard Lake, you'll have lots to choose from. Ask me about some of my secret locations sometime!


While not as plentiful as other land features, the waterfalls in Colorado are still incredibly beautiful. Oftentimes, you wont find very large ones, but in some cases you'll run across these giants. However, there are many across the state!

Foothills & Openspace

Boulder has some of the most beautiful open spaces in all of Colorado. The rolling hills & tall grass are incredible for those sunset elopements. Likewise, the sunrise hitting the Boulder Flatirons is a sight you don't want to miss.

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Colorado Elopement & Intimate Wedding Galleries

Colorado Hiking Adventure Elopement

Click the link below & take a look at some real elopements! However, if you'd like to see a full client gallery, reach out to me via the 'Contact Page' & I'll send it right over!

Colorado Adventure Elopements


Colorado Elopement Day Timeline Examples
Elopement Day Timeline Examples

Colorado Elopement Day Timeline Examples

Let's take a minute to talk about your elopement day timeline. Oftentimes, the question I'm asked most by couples is, "What do we do with all the extra time?". However, the answer is quite simple. Whatever you'd like! You can do something you enjoy doing together or experience something new altogether. In the end, elopement timelines are meant to give you a better idea of where your time is going, but not restrict you as the day unfolds.

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Colorado Elopement Photography Packages

Colorado Elopement & Small Wedding Photography Packages

Each Package Includes:

partial day Packages start at - 3000

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