5 Steps To Start Planning Your Iceland Adventure Wedding



5 Steps To Start Planning Your Iceland Adventure Wedding





+ Putting Together Your Day-Of Plans

+ Find Your Elopement Location

This is why picking a photographer first is a big help! They can also help you pick a date that works for both of you & then also pitch some locations!

Talk with your photographer and discuss what you'd like to do on your elopement day. This could look like anything from hiking or 4x4ing to your location, to in some cases, taking a scenic plane ride. In more extreme cases, you might even find yourself in a helicopter or boat!

+ Pinpointing Your Location

Experiencing something new or familiar together is a great way to celebrate your new commitment. There's just something special about sharing that collective experience with each other, and it will be something that you can cherish forever. While the options I listed above might be some of the popular options, there is no limitation to what you can or can't do. Have a different idea? Just let me know!

To start finding your location, think about what you want to see in your photos. Mountains? Snow? Waterfall or a Glacier? Finding a location oftentimes is driven by a connection you have with a feature, or it can be just something new you want to experience together. Regardless, take the time to talk it over and think of some options that represent who you are & what you love.

How To Start Planning Your Iceland Elopement or Small Wedding


Determine How Much Elopement Photography & Videography Coverage You'll Need

+ How Do We Figure Out

How Much Time We Need?

"Your Elopement Shouldn't Be Rushed & Your Story Deserves To Be Told In It's Entirety, Distraction Free."

+ The Benefits Of Full & Multi-Day Elopement Photography & Film Coverage

In short, you don't feel rushed. You'll live out your day on your own terms and there won't be a time limit to put a cap on your day. In the end, you'll receive a beautiful gallery & film with no stone left unturned.

While it might seem daunting to spend the entire day with a photographer & filmmaker, it actually helps in the end. Instead of an awkward three hour session where we really just take photos and leave, it will be become more laid back as the day goes on and you really feel comfortable. This is also why multi-day options are really great, as when you wake up on the second day, you'll just be going to meet a friend who just happens to be taking your picture.


Find And Book Your Remaining Vendors

Things To Consider:

Other Remaining Items:

While you might not need the typical wedding day vendors, there still might be a few traditional elements you might want to consider or incorporate into your day.

For example: Some couples might be eloping with close family and the option of having a private dinner or chef with them is oftentimes something couples enjoy.

This is also a great time to go ahead and book any other misc items such as travel, lodging, car rentals, marriage license pickup date, etc.

During this time, it's also suggested to book anything else you might be doing such as lift tickets, 4x4 rentals, etc.


Start To Create Your

Elopement Day Timeline

+ Elopements provide structure to your wedding day, yet allow you to break tradition and make it into whatever you want

+ While some couples might default back to what a traditional wedding day might look like, take the opportunity to make it your own!

+ Creating a timeline is a great way for you to visualize where your time will be going on your elopement day. Just know that you don't have to follow it exactly, & encouraged to take the day as it naturally flows to you!

+ Start to add up your time by looking into how long your hikes or ride between locations might be, look into how long your activities for the day might take. It might make sense to split them into different days!

+ Timelines also give you a better idea of what time the lighting will be best when it the sun rises & sets, gets too bright & too dark. Overall, it allows us to better plan for the day!

+ Don't know where to start with your timeline? Just ask your photographer! On elopement days we are generally the person guiding you through the day so you don't have to worry about a thing!




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