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Unique Elopement Ideas

5 Elopement Ideas To Consider

Let's talk about 5 Elopement Ideas To Consider that can take your elopement to the next level! These unique elopement ideas can translate to any elopement, and are meant to act as seeds to spark a broader idea. I'm a firm believer that each elopement is highly unique. In addition, each couple is also unique, which proves that no two elopement days should be alike. That's enough of an overview for now though, let's hop into these elopement ideas to help personalize your day!

Colorado Adventure Elopement Videographer

Hiring an elopement videographer is honestly one of the best things you can do for your elopement day! Think of it this way, while your video is for you, it's also for the future. For instance, think of your future kids and grandchildren. This film will be a part of the visual legacy of your life, love, and adventures together. It's not just about documenting your wedding day, it's about telling the story of who you are for generations to come.

Customizing Your Elopement Film

Relive Each Moment, Exactly How It Was

One of the best things about hiring an elopement videographer is customizing your elopement film. From adding a 'story session' (an extra session the day before or after to help tell your story better) or something like Super 8 footage, we'll cover it all. Pro Tip: Be sure to hire someone that you love their videos and them as a person. Your experience will be much better!

While most elopement videographers will give you a cinematic highlight cut of your day, oftentimes, there's 1+ hours of footage with audio that didn't make the cut. In most cases, videographer will put this uncut footage into a 'doc edit' (at an additional cost) and allow you to relive each moment! You can hear all the little conversations and raw emotion of the day again, just as it was.

The Story Of You Through Your Elopement

How Much Does Elopement Videography Cost?

Like I mentioned above, an elopement film allows you to tell the story of you through your elopement. It's the ultimate compliment to your photo collection, as you'll get to hear each others voices, while seeing and feeling the emotion of each moment. Your film won't just be a highlight of your day, rather a visual legacy of who you are, and what has brought and held you together for all these years.

How much does elopement videography cost you ask? It's really dependent on a few factors. Personally, I would recommend a minimum of 6-hours of coverage. Why? It's hard to tell a full-story with less time. However, elopement videography usually costs anywhere from $3,000-$7,500 for a good quality elopement videographer. This estimate is based off 4-hours to multi-day coverage of your elopement.

Breckenridge Elopement Locations

Writing personalized vows and letters are one of the best things you can do for your elopement. After all, you've taken the pressure off yourselves of saying them in front of others, so freely say how you truly feel! If you had write them, it's also a keepsake that you'll be able to keep for your lives to come, and pass down for generations. Overall, your vows and letters are one of the most (if not the) most important and personal parts of your wedding day. Make it count!

Have Family Members Write Letters

Writing Your Own Vows

Having family members write letters to you and your significant other is another great idea to consider. While they might be right there with you, letters can oftentimes be a more complete thought of how you and others truly feel. This is also an incredible moment for you to slow down, reflect, and feel supported by your loved ones. In the event your family dynamics are complicated, just switch out family for friends.

Like I said above, writing your own vows is a great way to add to your wedding day. Instead of just saying the traditional. "I take thee.." you'll have the chance to freely express yourself to your partner. You can tell them exactly how you feel about them, how they inspire you, and what makes them the one for you. In the end, your elopement is an opportunity to do things in a way that's more meaningful to you.

Write Letters To Each Other

Creating Moments Of Stillness and Reflection

I'll paint the scene for writing letters to each other. You've just gone to separate rooms to get ready for your first look. When you go into the room there's an envelope with your name on it. You open it to find a letter from your (almost) spouse. You read it (maybe get kind of or super emotional if that's your thing) and now it's time for your first look. See where I'm going? It's about creating those subtle memorable experiences.

I'm personally a huge fan of creating moments of stillness and reflection on your wedding day. While traditional weddings will keep you on a tight schedule, moving from point a to b, your elopement can be slow and intentional. Writing and reading letters and personalized vows create these moments in your day, and can really put you in the right headspace. Reflect on what and who matters, leave the rest behind.

Colorado Elopement Video

Let's talk about some multi-day elopement ideas. One of my biggest suggestions to couples is to have a multi-day elopement. Why exactly? It allows you to slow down and not feel rushed in anything that you're doing. Multi-day elopements are also perfect for having the opportunity to have pictures in more locations, experiences, etc. In addition, it's the perfect way to involve family on your actual wedding day, but also have a bit of time to take a step back for just the two of you.

Multi-Day Elopements With Just You

Multi-Day Elopements With Family

Having a multi-day elopement with just you and your loved one is another incredible option. Oftentimes, these days are made to allow you to take things slow. The odds are, you opted to elope because you didn't want the pressure or checklist of a big wedding. Multi-day elopements allow you to really scale back and take things at your own pace. In addition, it's an incredible way to get more photos at multiple spots without felling rushed.

Multi-day elopements with family are an incredible route to go. Eloping isn't about leaving everything and everyone behind, but it's also nice to have intentional time together. This is where a multi-day elopement is perfect. You can still have your wedding day with your closest family, then have the next day (or the day before) just you two. You can explore, or just spend the day doing everything you love. It's up to you!

Splitting Your Elopement Day In Half

Multi Day Elopement Ideas

While having a two day elopement isn't always feasible, splitting your elopement day in half is! In scenario one you have family with you. In this route, you can possibly have an intentional time with just the two of you in the morning, before having a ceremony with family later on. If it's just you two, maybe you say your vows at sunrise and have time together before taking a break and having more photos done at sunset.

The options with how you format your elopement are truly endless. In the end, it's all about what feel right and true to you. While these are some of the more common options I see from couples, you can personalize these even more. It's my ultimate goal to help you create an elopement day that's unique and authentic to you, but also relaxed, and not rushed. Let's talk about it more!

Yes, despite the overwhelming narrative of mountain elopements online, you can have a city elopement! Honestly, they're equally great too. There's so much that cities have to offer, that can make your elopement incredible. From hopping to your favorite spots to eat, or spending time together in your favorite garden or park, it's the intentionality that matters. At the end of the day, I can't recommend having a city elopement enough. However, there are plenty of mountain towns (think Denver) that also allow you to do both!

Customizing Your Elopement Day

Picking Your Elopement City

Since cities are so diverse, you really have a lot of choose from to customize your elopement day. In the past, I've had couples dream up spending the day at their home and visiting all of their favorite places to eat. Even their favorite parks, museums, and even baseball games. In the end, do what you love, don't just pick something that will look cool for the camera. It's your day, make it you!

Picking your elopement city can be a really exciting experience. Perhaps it's the city you already live in, or maybe it's one that means a great deal to you. In some cases, it's also a completely new place for couples and they want to experience that together for the first time. Either way, I always tell copules to find a place that either has personal meaning, connection, or has been a dream spot that you've wanted to go!

Splitting Your Day In The City

An Example Of A City Elopement

Another option to consider is splitting your day in the city with something else like the mountains. There are many cities that also have beautiful scenery nearby which could be fun to explore. One of my favorite elopements actually used this concept. We spent the morning at sunrise in the mountains near Boulder, Colorado before taking a short break and meeting at their hotel in downtown Denver that afternoon.

I know elopement days can be hard to visualize. Traditional weddings seem so familiar that finding practical examples of real elopements can be hard. Here's a real example of what this can look like!

Jenirose & Cliff's Elopement

Iceland elopement

If you don't want to elope where you live, consider having a destination elopement! Whether it's abroad or in a different state is completely up to you, and also how much you'd like to spend. Destination elopements are a great way to double your elopement with your honeymoon, and honestly just a good excuse to travel somewhere! In the end, you can still have family at your destination elopement, and in comparison to having a +300 guest wedding, you'd be surprised how great of a destination you could choose.

Split Your Time With Family and Friends

Destination Elopement Ideas

Destination elopements are also an intentional time to spend with family and friends that you might want to invite to your elopement. Think about it, instead of spending and industry average of $28k on a wedding decorations, a venue, etc. that money could go towards a trip, or a few days of intentional time with your loved ones. There's so many ways to look at this and consider, but intentional time should be a priority.

Oftentimes, people don't have elopements aren't just to save money and be cheap. Rather, to put their money and time into a place that they truly appreciate and value. Oftentimes, couples will take a trip to a destination and elope while on the trip. In short, this idea is planned around taking a vacation, which also happens to also have your wedding day and honeymoon included too!

Explore Somewhere New Together

The Cost Of A Destination Elopement

There's really something to exploring somewhere new together on your elopement day. From forming new memories, to associating certain places, sounds and visuals with your loved one, it's a great way to celebrate. In addition, a neutral place outside of where you live can bring new inspiration, and signify the beginning of something new. In the end, it could be 5 hours by plane, or 5 minutes by car, find somewhere meaningful to you.

So, what exactly is the cost of a destination elopement? While your destination is a big factor in this, on average, couples can expect to pay anywhere from $8-$18k on a destination elopement. This very general, hypothetical number is based off the cost of travel, and a trip for about a week. However, there are destinations out there that could be less, or more depending on what type of a spender you are.




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